If a boy hides from you does it means he is afraid of you?

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maybe he likes you. he was just nervous to see you.
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Why do boys afraid to show their feelings?

Males and Their Feelings Many boys, as well as when they grow into men, are focused on other important things in life that when it comes time to exert time and energy on emot

What do you do if you are afraid to ask a boy out?

I suggest that you build up enough courage to approach him and ask him out before somebody else who isn't afraid to do so asks him. Then you will feel even worse. You can only

How do you kiss a boy and not feel afraid?

If its a boy that you truly like, then you wont be afraid specially after that first kiss. You won't feel afraid if you're ready. When you're ready you'll know. Don't rush you

What does afraid mean?

afraid means when or someone is scared of someone or something happening In fear of

What does it mean when a boy is afraid of you. and afraid to talk to you?

It is probably one of four things: First, he could be actually physically afraid of you (like as he would be afraid of a twenty foot crocodile), though this is highly unlike
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Why most girls afraid of boy?

This will depend on their past experiences, it could be because they think they will be abused again, or seen someone abused and traumatized, or could simply be shy about liki
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What to do if you like a boy and your afraid to tell him?

I have had my share of crushes and loves and these are my methods of how I got their attention and heart :) 1) Try to build a strong friendship with the guy, If he can trus