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If a cheating man lies to his wife about his affair says she was just a friend is there hope for the marriage?

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Just a friend? How naive does he think you are. Where is the respect the trust? It's gone correct? If there is any hope for this marriage, you BOTH need to seek out a GOOD marriage Councillor, Now. You need to start helping yourself repair any damage this has done inside of you, to salvage your own dignity and any self esteem you have left. With some good hard work ahead of you both, time may heal, with the help of a good councillor. Both of you have to want it!

Just friend is the scenario of married man when they get caught, and this include to the man that I married. If you ask your husband if he is cheating on you and he quickly answer you with the words " were just friends" you can be sure that they are more than friends. Is there hopes to rebuild your marriage, maybe but you are the only one that can answer this one. Every woman who got betrayed by their husband has different reason and problem. If you still trust your husband and willing to forgive him then do the right thing. But you also need to be careful.
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Is your wife cheating if she has been talking on the phone with another man and she says they're just friends but she kept it from you?

Answer     I had this situation recently, I was the one talking to the person (ex) on the phone. I came to my husband out of honesty. I never cheated on my husband

Why would a man cheat on a wife that he is married to for 8 years but he says he loves his wife?

I don't know what kind of marriage you and your husband have, but lot of times men feels his wife is not pleasing him the way he expected to. Lot of it has to do with physical

Is a man interested in you if he teases you sexually and then says you are just friends?

Answer . This is a very hard question to answer because none of us can see how he acts around you. He could ooze sexuality and doesn't even realize it or you are misreadi

If your wife cheats is your marriage over?

  cheating in marrige   If you really love your wife and care about her, then you would try to work it out. If she cheats again the second time, most likely she woul

Can a marriage be saved after your wife says she still loves you she is just not IN love with you?

That is a hell of a way to look at a relationship, she loves you for the loyalty aspect of it but not for the heart aspect. Well, if you are willing to be around someone that

Can a man have an affair just for the sex that is lacking in his marriage and otherwise continue the marriage?

Answer   Love isn't all about sex as many people think. It's about your mate being your best friend, your lover and your confidant. It means respecting each other. So, it

When your girlfriend is talking to another guy she says is just a friend would she be cheating on you?

  Do you have friends who are girls? Are you cheating with them? A healthy relationship relies on trust, as well as on a reasonable circle of friends.   If your girlfri

Why would a man stay with his mistress after his wife finds out about the affair and he chooses to 'work' on his marriage?

I would guess the reason why could be that he wants to keep his mistress and his wife at the same time. he doesn't want to loose you and at the same time he needs to make amen

If a married man cheats on his wife does that mean they are problems in his marriage?

there are major problems in that marriage B: A couple don't need to have a problem with their marriage for a husband to have an affair. A Happy and perfect marriage also hit

If a married man is on a tight rope by wife after getting caught cheating would he be scared to talk to his ex mistress again when they were friends b4 the affair?

There are different reasons on why people cheat. You need to reevaluate your marriage with your spouse. You both need to communicate and have the desire to save your marriage.

What do you do if your best friend just lied to you?

Don't tell them that you know they lied. Let them tell you. Maybe the thing they are trying to hide is really important to them that no one finds out. I know that's kind of ha

If your wife lies to you how can you tell if she has ever cheated on you?

From my own personal experience.When they start lying to you.They are well on the road to an affair or leaving you for good.I learned my lesson and instead of suffering from a