If a father owe back child support and his file joint taxes with his wife will the mother get the tax return?

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yes she will get all the back if you have enought if not they will take all the money you get for taxes every year till its paid ... me and my husband went throught it with his money hungry ex
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If a father is newly married and the mother of his children is currently collecting his tax returns along with child support will she also get the tax returns of the new wife?

File this way..."Married filing separately." This method would take care of the issue.. Doing Married Filing Separately is really the only way to avoid this. If you file a jo

If a father owes back child support will they take his income tax return?

Yes. Both federal and state congress have passed laws to intercept any wages, including income tax returns of a father who is delinquent on child support. Note that when the g

If you owe back child support will you get your federal taxes?

It depends. Usually, no, you will not get your tax return, or stimulus payments. It all depends on how much you owe in back child support. They will take your returns until yo

Can your mother claim your son on her taxes if you owe back child support?

To claim a child as a dependent on your taxes, the child must have lived with you and you must have provided support for over 50% of the year. So the mother in this case can c
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You now have full custody of your child and receive no support. How do you get your garnished tax return for back child support applied to what the mother owes?

You can't. If there has been a change in the custody order you are still responsible for any arrears incurred while the other parent had legal custody. Your garnishment will n

Can the state take your tax return if you owe back child support but are making payments?

Yes. The government has become acutely aware of the problem of children living in poverty because a parent is not paying child support. Therefore, very strong laws have been p

Does your taxes get taken when you file jointly with your unemployed wife if she owns back child support?

Yes. The entire refund amount will be seized by the IRS and allocated to the appropriate state child enforcement agency. If the non obligated spouse qualifies as an "injured