If a girl wears a size 11 in junior sizes what is the size in womens?

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She would wear a misses 10 or 12 depending on the fit because junior sizes are cut differently than misses sizes.
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How do you convert girls size to juniors sizes?

By the time you get into juniors, you're probably a size 2 or 3. If you wear a size 12, you're a size 0. If you wear a size 14, may be a 1 or 2. Some stores have a 00, if they

You wear a size 5 women what size in girl shoes would you wear?

10 (Someone has stated the answer is a size 10)However, I wear a 35 in European shoes and a 5-5.5 in women's USA sized shoes. Rarely, I can get by with a small sized six. In y
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You wear size 18 womens what size do you wear in junior?

they don't make things that big for kids... that's why your sized in WOMENS ... ^^ if you don't know what your talking about then don't answer the question yes they do mak