If a guy doesn't respond to a text message what does that mean?

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I think it depends on the type of text message you send if it's like a flirty one, or one where you ask to meet up and he doesn't respond for a while, I think that means you might be moving a litttle too fast for him slow it down, or ask for something less if the message is about anything else, like, "what's up?" or "how you doing today?" etc...don't worry about it, he is probably busy and you'll talk/message later **What does it mean when you text an apology with a compliment, but it receives no response?
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What does it mean if a girl laughs when you talk to her and puts X's and 'I love you' at the end of text messages but when you tell her you like her she doesn't say it back or respond?

She probably was shocked or relieved and there for speechless. . You can either be honest and come right out and ask her why (I would) or she is just the type of young woman that can tell another she loves them, but is shy and awkward when that person reciprocates. All you need to know is she does (MORE)

If a guy insulted you in a text message does it mean he doesn't like you?

Unless he is young and/or immature I should think he doesn't like you. People do not insult other people if they like them. He's rude enough to put it in a form where it could easily have been read by others. If he texted you, it was to hurt your feelings or get back at you. Not a nice thing to do. (MORE)

Does he like you if he doesn't email or respond to your messages?

If he is not calling you back or responding to your messages, it can mean one of two things: . 1) He is not into you : I know it sounds hash but look at it this way, if he can't see what an awesome girl you are, then it is HIS loss... not yours. Don't wait around for him.. 2) He is not sure how (MORE)

If a guy doesn't answer your MySpace message means?

\nPerhaps he hasn't had time yet.\n. \nMaybe he is not interested.\n. \nMaybe he doesn't know what to say.\n. \nIs it possible that he hasn't logged in for a while and hasn't received it yet?\n. \nThere could be a lot of explanations!

How do you turn a guy on in text messaging?

It is suggested the best way to turn a guy on via test message isto send suggestive messages. Another way is to send pictures.However, be careful about what you are sending to other people viatext messaging.

What does it mean when a guy doesn't answer your texts?

well coming from a 6th grader, don't be worried about it. if your older...eh. that's not good. tips for 6th graders and up: well theres many reasons he might not text you. in my case, the guy i text doesnt answer very often cuz hes busy. thats one reason, another is he could be playing sports... (MORE)

How do guys flirt in text messages?

They usually put smiley faces or ask personal questions. But just remember you don't have to answer the personal questions to get their attention. They might ask to hang out or say your pretty or say you have a nice butt. That's just all the experience I have had though.

Why doesn't he reply to my text messages?

it cuz he's annoyed of u or he doesn't want to talk. Answer 2 He is Busy Irritated Intimidated by you and your texts. So its a sign that your should stop now. And also, he might not have got your text at all.

If he responds to text messages does he still care?

It may or may not mean anything . If your ex texts back may because he still likes you. Or may be he texts you for no reason . . Be wary of any exes in your life as sometimes they have a girlfriend and play games between an ex girlfriend and the girlfriend they are with. If it's recent breakup t (MORE)

If a guy doesnt respond back to your message on Facebook but reads it does it mean he isn't interested?

Well, there are a lot of possibilities. 1) As you said, he may not be interested 2) He might feel like he would annoy you by replying 3) He just might not have the time at the moment 4) embarrassed that he is talking to a girl?? hahaa 5) He might just not know what to say back So many pos (MORE)

What if a girl you like doesn't respond your message?

There's hundreds of reasons why she might not reply. She might be ignoring you, yes, but there are much more likely reasons. For example it could be she simply hasn't noticed your message for some reason (left her cellphone lying around for example), or maybe she's grounded and can't read it. She mi (MORE)

What does ATM mean in a text message?

Atm means the same thing anywhere online it means at this moment on a text it means the same people can use it like this "do u want me to see u ATM?" i use ATM all the time on audition and on other things too sometimes people make up stuff for the meaning so my definition of ATM means at this moment (MORE)

What does it mean if a guy you really like doesn't answer your texts?

it could mean 1 his phone is broken, lost or just not charged 2 he doesn't like you and doesn't want to hurt your feelings 3 he doesn't like you so he doesn't even bother texting back 4 he is SHY 5 he doesn't have anymore minutes left on his phone 6 hes afraid his parents will see him txting a girl (MORE)

What does it mean when a guy says he loves you at the end of a text message?

It depends who this guy is to you... I have a guy best friend, he's like a brother to me and he always tells me he loves me. In a family way, does he mean it like this? However if you think this guy may have feelings for you then maybe he said it at the end of the text because he wants to tell (MORE)

What does it mean when a guy says he doesn't know what he wants then stops texting you?

Sorry, but he doesn't want a relationship. Sometimes girls want things to move to fast or get to attached to boys and the boys are put off. Girls seem to want to settle down with a long term boyfriend and a lot of guys are not ready for that. Remember, boys mature more slowly than girls, so what you (MORE)

What does it mean when a guy don't respond to your text?

I could mean lots of things! It could mean that he has no texts, or hasn't got your text yet. His phone could be dead or he's just to busy to reply... or he may not wanna text you. To test that last one you text him off a random number and he'll reply who is this then you'll know he just doesn't wan (MORE)