Current trend in database?

The current trend is that some people are going and work for tertiary sectors as this is the service sector and more people want to do this type of work or job. Some people ar (MORE)

How do historians study the past?

Historians study the past by studying the previous recorded eventsof the past activities. They use both the scientific andtraditional methods to gather such information which (MORE)

How do historian study the past?

geographers dig up fossils.. what_happens.">Different historians investigate the past differenty for example - cryptographer: breaks codes or study codes for example ancien (MORE)

Why do historians study Jack The Ripper?

All killers, especially serial killers, need to be studied. For the people that understand the 'language' killers sometimes speak loudly by the victim's bodies, and the crime (MORE)

Why do you study database?

Type your answer here.. whenever we work in any organisation we have tostore our records & data in digitel form in such a way that we can access our data very safely by multi (MORE)