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If a home has 100A service and the main's fused at 100A each can the total of the circuit breakers inside the service panel exceed 100A?

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Yes. Five 20 amp breakers would be 100 amps. It doesn't work that way. The load placed on this box at any given time cannot exceed 100 amps. You can put as many breakers as it will hold.
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If the service panel you have 100A service can you install a 100A circuit breaker in the original panel to feed another 100A add-on panel?

DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW! According to this logic, one could chain an infinite number or sub-panels off of a single one hundred amp feed. The second law of thermo

Are there 100A available on both bars of a 100A panel in a home and for instance can you draw 75A on each bar?

  Answer     The amp rating of a panel is based on the size of materials used (the bars, etc). You can pull 400 amps through your panel (provided a 400amp breake

If the overall main fuse box has two 100A cartridges in it does that mean the amp service is 100A or is it 200A and what is the 'hydro meter'?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service.(LIFE SAFETY WARNING! [disclaimer] Electricity is dangerous! You can be injured or killed! Impr

How many circuit breakers can be added to a 100A electrical box?

As many as there are spaces for. The physical amount of breakers that can be added to a load-center or for that matter an electrical panel is governed by the amount of slots

When did builders start installing 100A service with breakers in new constructions in Minneapolis Minnesota?

  Answer     I don't know anything about Minneapolis except that it's cold, but anything under 100 Amps is normally inadequate for an average home. Therefore, t

What gage wire is required for a 60A sub panel off of a 100A main service?

    Answer       number six wire is good for sixty amps max     Added by maintain...     First, I am assuming that you are not an electrici

Average Cost of upgrading to 100A service?

  Answer   It can be $600 to $1000 however this can depend on whether your existing wire is in order. Older wiring can be tricky, you may need a new ground tap, junc

Considering 100A 240V service has 2 poles at 100A each is the total usable power actually 200A at 120V?

No, amperage is not additive, but a constant. Think of power as water, its always the same temperature, hot (amps). The pressure is variable (volts). The true answer is undoub