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If a is bigger than b and b bigger than c which statement must be true?

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if a is bigger than b and b is bigger than c a must be bigger than c... Transitivity
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Is the star bigger than the moon or bigger than the sun?

i am going to presume you mean 'a star.' i do not know what star you are refering to. the sun is an average sized star. the moon is way smaller. earth is way smaller. there

What is bigger than you?

a dinosaur on the moon? nope, its probably going to be a monkey with a banana...mounted ray-gun? A giant
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Is B paper bigger than A paper?

Yes, B paper is bigger than A paper, for instance the average A4 is 21cm x 29.7cm, however B4 is 25cm x 35.3cm

Is it true that stars are bigger than the earth?

Yes, stars are relatively much more bigger than our earth. Sun, is the closest star to the earth. Sun's diameter is around 109 times that of the earth. Sun is one of the mediu