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If a man signs over his rights because that is what the son wants to be adopted by his step father if the court allows it what happens if the step father backs out of the adoption?

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If the step father backed out of the adoption before it was finalized, then the child is still legally yours. Even though you said that was what your son wanted, I would strongly advise not giving up all rights to him. As a child, he is not capable of making such an important decision that will impact him for the rest of his life, as it will you, too. Also, how do you know he wasn't influenced by his mother or someone else to say that he wanted to be adopted? Please, do your best to develop or renew your relationship with your son, and have the lines of communication wide open. He may need YOU more than you realize. If you feel your life is at a point where you can't be a father to him now, you need to realize that situations do change, and for the better. And it would be such a tragedy for you to let him be adopted, then get back on your feet and want your son back when it's too late. Later, when he is older, both of you will be glad you didn't give up your rights to your son, and any future grandchildren. But once you burn that bridge, you can't ever go back. So please reconsider this for his sake, as well as yours. Also, imagine how your son must feel, knowing his father was willing to let him be adopted, then the step father backed out. That may very well cause emotional scarring, believing that no one wants to be his dad. That, too, would be a tragedy.
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