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If a man who has HIV or AIDS gets a woman pregnant will the baby contract the diseases?

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there's a possibilty that the baby will get hiv but in order to know that the mother has to get tested and if she has it yea the baby will have it also. A man can pass HIV to the baby as the virus can live in the sperm. This was discovered when HIV positive babies were born to HIV negative mothers after artificial insemination. All sperm donors are now screened.
It is actually quite difficult for a woman to catch HIV from an infected man but it happens.
Modern drug treatments have reduced the risk of prenatal mother to child transmission by 70%, but breast-feeding is a no-no.
see this website http://aidsinfo.nih.gov/other/cbrochure/English/11_en.HTML  It is much easier for a woman to contract HIV from a man.
If a woman is infected with HIV she may pass the virus to her unborn baby. This might happen through the placenta, but more commonly during birth. A woman should get an HIV test after the first trimester and then again before giving birth.
If she takes medication and has a c-section, there is only a 2% chance of passing the virus to the baby. If she does nothing, the chances of her baby being positive are around 25 - 35%. She should not breastfeed. HIV is found in breast milk.
If a woman is HIV positive her baby will test positive for the virus for the first couple months of it's life. Remember, babies only have their mother's antibodies, not their own. This does not mean the baby has HIV. The baby should be tested on whatever schedule your state requires (every 2 months, up to 6 months, etc.) At that point you will know if your baby is positive or not. Remember - it's absolutely not a definite thing.  It also depends how he got her pregnant.
Sperm does NOT carry the HIV virus - only the the ejaculatory fluid does.
If the mans sperm is 'washed' (separated from the ejaculatory fluids) in a laboroatory, then there is almost zero chance of either mother of baby contracting HIV.
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