If a mother signs over her parental rights can the fathers wife adopt the child without her consent?

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If a biological parent gives up their parental rights, then the spouse of the other parent is able to adopt the child. The parent who gave up their rights has no say in the matter.
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Can a father simply sign over his parental rights in Ontario Canada or must the child be adopted by another man in the biological mother's life?

Answer . You can sign over the rights to your child to the mother herself. \n. \nBefore you do this realize what you are doing. Your child needs to know who their father is. You may not feel this is important right now, but to that child YOU will always be their father. If your girlfriend/w (MORE)

Can a 16-year-old mother get married without parental consent to the father of her child?

Maryland, Florida, Virginia, W.Virginia and New Jersey allow a female minor to marry without parental or guardian permission if she is pregnant or already has a child. Kentucky allows the action with the permission of the district court. All other states (except Nebraska) require the consent of pare (MORE)

If a father gives up his parental rights and unknowingly signs a consent for adoption how can the adoption be terminated?

Answer . He can contact the adoption agency where the adoption took place or call a good lawyer that has expertise in this field. I wish you all the best of luck:). Once a parent has voluntarily relinquished parental rights or they have been permanently terminated by the court said parent loses (MORE)

Can a father sign over parental rights and be relieved of child support obligations if the mother opposes the action?

Relinquishing Parental Rights . A parent can file a Termination of Parental Rights petition without the other parent being in agreement to the act.\n. \nTPR petitions are not for the purpose of allowing a parent to escape their financial obligations to their biological children.\n. \nIn rare ca (MORE)

Can a mother sign over parental rights without the fathers consent because he is in prison?

Yes a mother can. Once in prison he loses the majority of his rights including that one and the right to sign consent for a divorce.. My mother did it with my sister and myself when our father went to prison. Only showed up to the prison to give him a copy of the paperwork.. I don't want to rain o (MORE)

Can a father sign all his rights over to the mother of the child?

If the father is considered legally to be psychologically incapable (or impaired) to be a fit parent via evidence presented by a forensic psychiatrist in a criminal case, usu. held at either the district or state-level judicial court; then, yes, the father is must sign all legal rights to the child' (MORE)

How does a mother sign over mothers parental rights to father or to grandmother?

A friend of mine wants to sign over her parental rights to her children to her ex husband and her mother because of all the drama and stress they are putting the children and her through. Does this mean that all child support can be dropped that she is paying and how does she go about it legally as (MORE)

Can a female adopt her girlfriend's child after the father signs over his parental rights?

The ability to adopt a child as a gay or lesbian parent varies from state to state. Gays and lesbians have several options open to them when considering adoption. What you are wanting to do is know as second parent adoption. A second parent adoption is where an unmarried couple jointly adopts a chil (MORE)

Can the father sign into adoption of son to grandmother who has custody of child without mother's consent?

In almost all cases you need the mother's consent before the adoption can take place. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, you can at least try. For example, if the mother has abandoned the children and they have not heard from her for a number of years, you may stand a good chance. Ju (MORE)

Can an unmarried mother sign over guardianship of children without fathers consent?

No. Even though an unwed biological mother holds full custodial rights to the child the father of the child must be notified and agreeable to such action. The court will require that paternity has been established and the biological father has been notified of the guardianship petition. The fathe (MORE)

Can a father sign his parental rights over to the mother?

In general, parental rights are terminated either preparatory to an adoption, or after a trial in which it is determined that the parent is unfit. In any case, termination of parental rights does not, in itself, terminate child support.

Can a mother sign over her rights of the child to the father?

It depends on what you mean by signing over her rights. A mother could consent to the father being given sole legal custody. She may be required to pay child support. You should consult with an attorney if you want more information. In the state of Alabama, yes a mother can sign over her parenta (MORE)

What can a mother do to encourage a father to sign over his parental rights to a child?

Discuss the situation with him in a non-threatening atmosphere. Explain your reasons why you think his child would be better off without him in their life. If you are married or planning to be married and your partner wants to adopt your child, freeing the father from any legal or financial responsi (MORE)

Can a father sign his rights over without someone adopting?

Yes, a father can be allowed by the court to give up his parental rights even when the child is not up for adoption. This means he will still have to pay child support though. If you mean he would sign his parental rights over to another man, no. There would still be a mother in the picture and she (MORE)

Can the mother place her child for adoption without the consent of the child's legal father?

In the US, no and yes. I believe Utah is the only state where the mother only have the obligation to notify the father of her decision but he can then seek custody and stop the adoption. So getting his consent or give him the custody if she does not wish to parent the child, would be the better choi (MORE)

Can an unmarried mother sign over temporary rights without the fathers consent?

Yes, as long as the father has not established his paternity legally. Once he has established his paternity in court he has parental rights and he must consent to any guardianship or the court will schedule a hearing whereby he can explain his objections. Yes, as long as the father has not establis (MORE)

How do you sign over parental rights from mother to father?

You don't sign over parental rights, you either have them or you terminate them. The father, if not married to the mother, can get his parental rights by going to court and prove paternity by a DNA test. He can then petition for custody, visitation rights and pay child support. If the mother in t (MORE)

Can you sign over parental rights without an adoption?

Yes but it also depends on the situation. The court decides if you are allowed to or not. It would be easier to give someone temporary custody instead if you plan to get them back. Once you give up/lose your parental rights, it's not easy to get them back.