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If a narcissist threatens your life will they follow through with it?

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You should take his threats very seriously and act to defend yourself and to take all necessary precautions.
Pathological narcissism is a spectrum of disorders. People suffering from the full blown, all-pervasive, personality distorting mental health disorder known as the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) - are, indeed, more prone to violence than others. Actually, the differential diagnosis (=the difference) between NPD and AsPD (Antisocial PD, psychopaths) is very blurred. Most psychopaths have narcissistic traits and many a narcissist are also sadists.
Both types are devoid of empathy, remorseless, ruthless, and relentless in their pursuit of their goals (the narcissist's goal is narcissistic supply or the avoidance of narcissistic injury). Narcissists often use verbal and psychological abuse and violence against those closest to them. Some of them move from abstract aggression (the emotion leading to violence and permeating it) to the physically concrete sphere of violence.
Many narcissists are also paranoid and vindictive. They aim to punish (by tormenting) and destroy the source of their frustration and pain.
Invariably, violent behavior was triggered by frustration, perceived to be a threat to the integrity and veracity of the False Self. In other words, if the narcissist could not achieve gratification, or was criticized, or encountered resistance and disagreement - he tended to turn violent. He felt that his grandiose fantasies were being undermined and that his sense of entitlement due to his uniqueness is challenged. this often happens in prison where the atmosphere is paranoid and every slight, real or imaginary, is magnified to the point of narcissistic injury.
The narcissist has alloplastic defences. He does not accept responsibility for his actions. He accuses others or the world at large for provoking or aggravating his outbursts of violent behaviour. He feels immune to the consequences of his actions by virtue of his inbred superiority and entitlement. Narcissists are also mildly dissociative. They sometimes go through depersonalization and derealization. In other words, some narcissists sort of "watch themselves" and their life from the outside, as one would a movie. Such narcissists do not feel fully and truly responsible for their acts of violence. "I don't know what came over me" - is their frequent refrain.
Based on my book "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited"
� 2003 Lidija Rangelovska Narcissus Publications  
In real, rather than abstract, terms I do not think this question should be related entirely to NPD.
If ANYONE threatens your life convincingly there is only one rule:
Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
A large proportion of murders are committed by people who never showed any inclination to murder or violence before and never do again. Many are never diagnosed with any all-pervasive disorder (though I suppose a person must be at least "a bit stressed out" to actually take life).
Whenever anybody threatens to kill you there is a chance they will go through with it.
Of course some murderers never threaten. The really serious calculating ones, or the impetuous ones do not threaten.
That he seems to threaten you repeatedly is actually a GOOD sign ... you must have mentioned it to enough people that he could not possibly get away with it. However he could be too far off on his trip to actually REALISE that.
I assume you have made the police aware of his actions and threats. If not, do so.
There is still one factor ... why does he stalk and threaten you?
The answer is very simple, he does this because he gets something out of it.
Whatever he gets out of it will stop if he ever goes through with it, he may be perfectly aware of that.
It may be literally that he would miss you too much if he killed you ... if not in a nice way.
Ultimately it's a control game, he controls your mood by subjecting you to constant fear.
The real answer is to get out from under it, place yourself out of his reach, move.
You cannot know for sure if he would really kill you, unless it happens, but you know he is imposing control on your life.
You do not need that.  
In a word ... MOVE, discreetly, with no forwarding address. And tell everyone you know what he is doing. Keep no secrets about this. I hope you have contacted your local abuse shelter, they will be of help. Good luck.
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