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If a neighbor's burst pipe damaged our carpet can they be liable for carpet replacement?

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Yes, your neighbor is at fault unless your actions contributed to the rupture.
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Are carpets replaced between renters?

  Answer   my uncle used to manage an apartment complex and i can tell you that the carpets are not replaced between renters. they are cleaned by professional carpet

Can someone file a lawsuit if a neighbor's dog pees on their carpet?

  Answer   Americans can and do file lawsuits for just about everything. Your homeowner insurance includes liability coverage, which protects you if you're found le

What is a carpet?

Is a base material with fibres weaved or sewn into the base material such as hessian. This is then used to cover floors for warmth and style.

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What does carpet do?

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Will insurance cover the cost to replace the carpet throughout your house if the majority of it was damaged from an accident And you have the same carpet throughout now.?

No. If your carpet was damaged by a covered peril. Your insurance policy is only responsible for repair or replacement of the damaged part with like kind and quality. Their is
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Can carpet steamer damage carpet?

A carpet steamer can damage carpet depending on what type of carpet it is. Man-made plastic-based fibers are most likely to be damaged. In most cases, a steamer will not harm

What are the rights of a condo owner if condo board does not do proper repairs to damages caused by pipe burst and danaged the carpet and walls?

In situations like this, your first task is to commission the clean-up of the damage. As an owner, you may be covered under the master insurance policy, or your HO-6 policy.