If a person spots pink and brown blood one day then dark red blood the next day with tiny blood clots and hasn't started her period does this mean she is pregnant and should take a hpt?

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Anytime that you feel that you may be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test.However if you feel that you may be pregnant and are having a significant amount of bleeding or cramping you should see a Dr or go to the ER immediately.
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Why are you spotting dark brown blood after your period?

Its simple as a pimple, it's a rare but sadly true faculty that happens after your pirod its kinda like 15 mins after you eat a BIG meal you suddenly have the urge to eat a PB

Can I be Pregnant Period is 3 days early started out brown then to red bled for 2.5 days stopped for a day then light pink red blood quit the pill in feb we want to have a baby was on pill 6 months?

Chances are coming off the pill can make your periods irregular for a little while, but it is very possible to get pregnant if you havent been taking the pill for a few weeks.

What does it mean when your spotting red and brown blood while pregnant?

mostly it means your ither having a misscarriage or are in the process of having one, or ur in risk. alos means go see your doctor ASAP! i have just been told my babys heart b