If a pool is 20 ft x 40 ft 9 ft deep in the deep end and 3 ft deep in the shallow end how many gallons of water does it hold?

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25000 gallons

How many gallons to fill a 25 x 50 ft pool with a deep end of 9 ft and shallow 3 feet deep?

Not knowing the point where the pool begins the transition from 3 feet to 9 feet makes it a little hard to answer.. If it slopes directly from 3 to 9 feet the answer would be

How many gallons of water do you need to fill a 29 x 50 ft pool with a deep end of 9 ft and a shallow end of 3 ft?

Assuming the depth is gradual, resulting in an average of 6 feet, and the pool is rectangular, I believe you would need approx. 65,000 gallons to fill the pool. To figure it
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How many gallons does a 12 ft. radius x a 3 ft deep pool hold?

(pi).(Radius) 2 .Dpth = 3.14*12 2 *3 = 1356 ft 3 (Sorry, I'm not familiar with "ft 3 to gallons"). Please note that 'radius' is equal to half of the 'diameter' value