If a refrigerator magnet can't hold apiece of paper against a refrigerator what forces are acting on it?

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if a refrigerator magnet cant hold a piece of paper against a refrigerator, the forces acting on the magnet must be what?
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What makes refrigerators magnetic?

Answer . \nall elictrecal stuff has to be conected to the earth through the earth line if not it will cause irretic feeling when touch due to accumelated static charge

Who invented magnetic refrigerator-door gaskets?

Italian Ilpea company invented the magnetic refrigerator-door gaskets.. Please refer to the website http://www.ilpea.com/en/index.htm for further information.. Below is adapted from the information of above website:. http://www.ilpea.com/en/guarnizioni.htm. ==== . GASKETS for the refrigeration i (MORE)

Why can't you put an open tin can in the refrigerator?

Cans have been sealed with the food inside them in a protective environment, after opening them O2 comes in contact with the food and also with the tin which will start going rusty abd contaminate the food you will eat, take care!!! Yes there is a chemical reaction between the aluminum and the oxy (MORE)

What is refrigeration?

The process of removing heat from a space or substance to reduceits temperature and transferring that heat to some another space orsubstance i.e. air or water. This is the technique by which we keepthe temperature of the given space lower than its surroundings orenvironment. The heat is removed from (MORE)

Can you get magnet marks off refrigerator?

My refrigerator appears to be an enamel finish, light tan in color. I first tried COMET on a wet wash rag, that seem to help some, but did not really come close to removing the magnet stains totally. Then I used an old toothbrush, wet with water and toothpaste. A feeling of optimism came over me as (MORE)

What is a refrigerator?

Fortunately, A refrigerator is a food/drink cooling appliance. which can be a combination of a freezer (Refrigerator: bottom | Freezer: up). D.M. An Refridgerator is an where you store foods at normal temparture,and where you chill bevegages. A refrigerator (commonly called a "fridge") is a coo (MORE)

What is a refrigerant?

A refrigerant is the most important component of a refrigerator. It is used to transfer thermal energy throughout a refrigerator,

Why are magnets placed in the doors of refrigerators?

he magnets keep the door shut and help to form an air tight seal between the door and the refrigerator. Also many many years ago refrigerators did not close with magnets and typically closed using a latch. This caused a major problem, there were incidents in which someone would be throwing away a (MORE)

What is the refrigeration?

Many people have a misconception that Refrigeration is adding cold. The absence of heat is cold and hence Refrigeration can be defined as the process of heat removal from any enclosed space or object. This heat removal is achieved by moving heat energy from the closed space to some other medium. Ref (MORE)

Will a refrigerator magnet stick to all metal surfaces?

No. Some metals are non-magnetic (technically, "diamagnetic," they're actually very weakly repelled by magnets). Gold, silver, and copper are all diamagnetic. Also, the alloys used in United States coins and certain types of stainless steel are either non-magnetic or only weakly attracted by magnets (MORE)

How do magnets stick to refrigerators?

Magnets stick to refrigerators because the outside casing on arefrigerator is made of metal. Most refrigerators are made out ofstainless steel, with or without a coating of enamel paint.

Where can you find a magnet in a refrigerator?

There is a magnet-lined door seal on most refrigerators and there are magnets in the electric motor that runs the cooling compressor, There may be a few small magnets on the doors sticking on that picture of a bunny rabbit your daughter drew for you.

Is Refrigerator magnet Electromagnet?

The magnets that stick to the front of a refrigerator are permanent magnets, not electromagnets. There is also a permanent magnet embedded in the door seal of most domestic fridges to keep the door shut. add All magnetic fields are caused by the movement of electrons. In a permanent magnet, seve (MORE)

What type of magnet is a Refrigerator magnet?

The term "refrigerator magnet" is ambiguous and may refer to anynumber of types of magnets. However, typically a refrigeratormagnet is going to be relatively weak and made of the mostinexpensive materials available. Hard refrigerator magnets arelikely iron. Flexible refrigerator magnets are made of (MORE)

Can refrigerator magnets cause cancer by altering food composicion?

Hmmm Maybe fridge magnets can cause cancer but the forty times stonger magnet in the motor that keeps it cold is fine. plus I'm sure the magnets that hold the door closed have no effect. and don't forget everything in your home with wires and motors and speakers has magnets and magnetic fields. By t (MORE)

How does a magnet work in a refrigerator?

A magnet is a substance that is made of iron. The molecules in it are arranged in a way different than most magnets which is why the magnet has a tendency to attract materials more. Instead of the fridge magnet having a distinct north or south pole attraction, the fridge magnet has both alternating. (MORE)

Why can't a magnetism hold a science book on a refrigerator?

In theory, it could. Larger magnets have a stronger and wider magnetic field. If we are talking about refrigerator magnets, then one would need a lot of them. Additional Answer If the refrigerator is magnetic and the magnet you are using is sufficiently powerful, it WILL hold your science book (MORE)

Who is 'the refrigerator'?

William Perry was known as The Fridge or Refrigerator Perry . He played for the Philadelphia Eagles but Chicago Bears were he belonged and , for 10 seasons during the 1980's and 1990's At the first start of training he weighed in at 380 lbs . He managed to lose 65 lbs. bring his weight down to 315 (MORE)

What are refrigerator magnets used for?

Many people have refrigerator magnets on the fridge. Some people use them to hold notes and photos to the fridge. Other people prefer to purchase more decorative refrigerator magnets that they simply enjoy seeing every time they go to the fridge.

Where can one purchase refrigerator magnets?

Refrigerator magnets are sold at novelty shops, in educational stores, and online. Gift shops and themed stores carry refrigerator magnets relating to the store's location or theme.