What would cause a chimney cap to clog?

Bird Nests, Straw, Grass, E.T.C Becuase If you don't have the screen on the cap the birds will make a nest in there because it is warm. You can but the screen or cover, at any (MORE)
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What is a rip off?

It depends on what you mean is a rip off i mean like if you mean what does a rip off mean then its something that you pay an amount of money for and then find out you could ge (MORE)
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How do you get ripped off?

Probably by buying something for a high price that wasn't supposed to be sold for a high price, and/or buying a piece of junk for a high price.

What do you do when you get ripped off?

depends where.... street or a business or an online company usually street vendors will sell you something that looks real or authentic and sell you something that is either (MORE)

What purpose do chimney caps serve?

Chimney caps stop precipitation, such as rain and snow, and little animals, such as birds and squirrels, from entering a chimney. It also reduces wind caused drafts.

Where can one purchase a chimney cap?

Chimney caps are sold by various companies. As chimneys come in different varieties, it's important to make sure the chimney cap you are purchasing is suited for your chimney. (MORE)