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If after you tell your boyfriend you are pregnant he says his feelings for you have changed and he wants to move back to his parents does he truly not love you or is he just scared?

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dear friend,
You have the answer to your question. FIrst do a self analysis 1) How long have you known this boy friend? 2) How old are you and how old is he ? 3) IS it a strong relationship or a just a physical attraction.
IF your relationship is pretty strong then and you both understand each other well, then you need to ask him the questions straight forward. Is he ready for a commitment moresoever a baby. Be frank,,,,because raising a baby is no child's play.
Secondly are you ready for a baby ?
Thirdly if he is scared then he is not concerned about you. Because it is hapening to you. ASk him forthright It would be a true test of your relationship.
First, what is your decision about your pregnancy? Are you ready to become a mother? Contact a Planned Parenthood and discuss all of your options (including prenatal care.) Have a friend or family member go with you.
Regardless of your bf's feelings--and I'd say he's scard of what has happened--if he is the father of your child, and a paternity test proves this, he at the least is financially obligated to assist your baby. I'll be honest in saying that there are guys (not all) who attempt to do a disappearing act when they find out that they have fathered a child. Even if the relationship is over, he will still be legally responsible if you have his child.
Focus on you and you pregnancy--you need to stay as healthy as possible if you decide to have this child.
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