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If an 18-year-old boy tells a 12-year-old girl he wants perverted sex with her what should the girl do?

Go to your parents or a person you trust. This person has a problem and you need to stay away from him. Do NOT be alone with him since he has all ready expressed his thoughts about you. He is an adult at 18 and not a "boy" so to approach a 12 year old like this is illegal. GET help from an adult about him.
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There is also a free app that you created for the launch of "Soundtrack Of My Life". Can you explain to readers what is on this app and why they should download it?

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Who is cleaner 18 year old boy or girls?

It truly depends on the person. You may take the stereo type that boys are messier than girls, that is truly a myth. You would be surprised to know the percentage of boys that (MORE)

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How boy crazy should a 12 year old girl be?

Well, at that age most girls think that to be cool, they have to date a guy. You don't need to. As you get older, you'll realize that being happy is what matters. If that's wh (MORE)
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How does a 12 year old boy tell an girl he likes her?

Awww young love (= I would personally recommend that you first of all don't pressure her or make her feel pressured into it. This is probably your first love. It would pro (MORE)

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How does an 11-year-old boy tell a girl that he likes her?

  First of all you need to know if she likes you; you can tell if she acts all shy. Then you take things slow and steady. Such as "accidentally" knocking into and by that (MORE)

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You are a 12 year old girl and you fancy a 10 year old boy what should you do?

I have been there, I'm a 12 year old girl too. Just tell him how you feel, there's no problem with having a toyboy! The only problem is that he might not fancy you or that he (MORE)

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Should a 12 year old boy play strip poker with girls?

No it's not. I've done it!! It's fun! _________ The above answer doesn't even make sense! Ha! I'll tell you something, twelve year old boy. If the girls are your age or older, (MORE)

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How can you tell if a 10 year old boy likes a 10 year old girl?

You can tell if a ten year old boy like a ten year old girl by if he teases her or is VERY kind to her. If he ignores you, he probably isn't interested. If he pulls your hair, (MORE)