If an abuser commits suicide and dies after his partner ditches and leaves him is the partner responsible for the abuser's death?

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No, you should never feel obligated to tolerate abuse. If the abuser kills himself it's probably because he thought it would be another way to control you. There is a possibility that he didn't really expect to die in the process but figured he could force you to do something that you didn't want to do. Never accept the guilt trip that those type put on you. If someone is abusive, leave. It can be dangerous. Counselors in prisons will tell you that people who don't value their own life certainly have little regard for other lives either. If the abuser was willing to take his own life, your life was in danger and it was a good idea to get out of there. Answer Abusive people are already psychologically damaged so they probably would have committed suicide with or without you having ever met him. Don't beat yourself up over this because you obviously tried your best, but no one expects another to be the victim of abuse. Abusive people have every chance to seek help and unfortunately this man didn't feel the need for it. If ANYONE accuses you of being the cause simply say, "Until you have walked in my shoes, don't judge!" Walk away, get away from such people. You have nothing to apologize or redeem yourself over.
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How do you stay with an abusive partner?

A better question to ask would be 'Why would you want to?' No one in their right mind would stay with an abusive partner on purpose, never mind help someone else do it, as you seem to be asking. If your partner is abusive to you, you need to seek help to leave, not stay. Any hospital, police station (MORE)

How do you respond when your abusive partner calls you an abuser after threatening to leave?

I confronted my abuser and said that I need a healthy relationship and I won't continue to be in an abusive one. I said that I would leave if abuse continued. She admitted to verbal abuse and being controlling, but she also said that "it is not as bad as I say it is." She also says that I am an emot (MORE)

What can be done about a live in partner who threatens suicide when you say you'll leave?

Answer . It is sad that a partner would manipulate you with death to keep you there. They need counceling. Perhaps you should suggest you both go (even though you don't want to work on the relationship) it is a way for you to get your partner to go.\n. \nThey need to visit www.jaredstory.com, it (MORE)

What should you do if after you leave your ex-partner they still abuse you any way they can?

Answer . \nGood for you for getting rid of this loser! It took guts! If it's mental abuse and they are still phoning you, emailing you then either change your phone # or get "caller ID" so you don't have to answer his calls. If you slip up once and decide to talk to him then you are enabling (MORE)

If your abusive partner has dumped you several times over the last 6 years and never apologized how does that coincide with an abuser's fear of abandonment?

Answer . \nBe sure you aren't assuming your partner is abusive because they dumped you because this would change the whole reasoning of things.\n. \nPHYSICAL ABUSE is punching, kicking, scratching, throwing the person around, hitting with a closed fist causing split lips, black eyes, broken rib (MORE)

What will happen to your business if your business partner dies without leaving a will?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYou and your partner should go to a lawyer and have a business contract drawn up so your interests are protected and so is his. If you don't do this, then you could lose the business or be put in the position of buying out your partner's share of the business to one (MORE)

If you throw your emotionally abusive partner out of the home and he leaves you alone after 9 weeks does this mean he was an abuser after all?

Answer . I don't always buy the fact that some people are labeled emotional abusers. We are all at fault for "losing it" or yelling when we've had a bad day. That is not abusive behavior. I've done it myself on occasion, but the difference in, when you lose it you should apologize and take th (MORE)

How do you know when your partner is about to leave you?

Answer . Breaking dates. Not phoning you or at least IMing or emailing you. There is no excuse for the lack of communication because we have cordless phones, cell phones, computers and I honestly find that people keep in less personal contact now than they did before cell phones came into play (MORE)

How do you know if your partner is abusive?

Answer . \nI guess I did this wrong...\n. \nI have been dating someone for 2 years. He lost his wife about 3 years ago, they have 2 younger children.\n. \nI have never been in a relationship where someone has spoken to me the way he does. He is constantly putting blame on me for his out bursts (MORE)

Would you leave your partner if he or she threatned to commit suicide in an event of a breakup?

Answer . \nThat is a serious question. Do you want to be with them? If so, you need to speak with your partner about getting therapy of some sort. If you aren't interested in spending any more of your life with this person as your partner, I personally feel, that staying with them out of pity or (MORE)

What makes an abuser 'dump' their partner?

Regular readers of mine will know that I always treat questions like this seriously, so bear with me while I say something funny. Actually it wasn't me, it was Oscar Wilde who said there is absolutely no fun in hanging a man who doesn't object to it.. What's the connection? Well, an abuser can only (MORE)

Why do abusive men stay with the partners they abuse?

Abuse is a means in which one party asserts dominance over another. For whatever reason a person is driven to abuse they will typically continue to abuse their partners to fulfill their desire to dominate them after they have begun. Abuse is not single action but a pattern that persists unless actio (MORE)

Why do people abuse their partners?

Answer . Abuse between people, even lovers, does occur because of various reasons, often irrational and emotional, and more or less subconscious. Regardless of the manifold psychological, psychiatric or mental conditions that may have led to a person's abusive behavior, any progress to take plac (MORE)

Why do people verbally abuse their partners?

I believe that they do it because they want to feel powerful and in control. A verbally abusive person has poor self esteem and abusing someone makes them feel superior. Anyone that abuses you for no reason does not love you. I have only been married three years but my husband has never said a bad w (MORE)

How do you live with a verbally abused partner?

You will have to have lots of patience. An abuse victim will be very insecure, easily offended and may struggle with even the most simple tasks. In order to live with her, you will have to try and understand her and boost her confidence where possible. You can not achieve this all of the time, but y (MORE)

Your partner leaves you for any excuse?

It seems he may not be sure what he wants and it may be in your best interest to let him be, let him go and move on. People only treat you the way you let them and he is not treating you properly and you shouldn't be putting up with it.

Do abusive men ever leave their partners or is it a test to see if you will call them?

Usually abusive men are in love with the control they have over their partners. They will do various things to keep the abuse going which includes leaving their partner, holding back on affection, etc. They will do ANYTHING to keep that control. So no it's not a test to see if they can get you to ca (MORE)

Why do all my partners leave me?

Try looking back through your relationships and see if you can find similarities when it comes to the fallout(s). You have to be willing to see sides of yourself you may not want to be able to move forward and begin to alter them. Such as if you were too overbearing, needy, controlling, an addict, w (MORE)

When men abuse their partner do they do it so their partner will leave the relationship?

In my own personal experience, it was quite the opposite. I was abused by my ex because he wanted to keep me around. He felt that if he abused me, he could control me. He could make me feel helpless, worthless and, eventually, dependent on him. In my case, my ex's abuse was fueled by his insecurity (MORE)

Your partner has threaened you if you leave what do i do?

I called the police. Not everyone knows this but a cell phone with a closed account can still be used to call 911. Knowledge is powerful. If you don't have access to a phone or to someone who can call the police for you then you have to do what you have to do to survive. I am not saying kill anyone (MORE)

Do you leave a relationship if your partner cheats?

Answer 1 If you are not sure you should see if there is any reason that feels good to you to keep the relationship going. If it is only sexual you may as well keep him if he performs well enough. Just make him wear a condom because you wont know what sort of STD,s he may have picked up. And let hi (MORE)

What effect does it have on the abuser when the abused partner leaves Just wondering what to expect Thanks?

Effect On An Abuser When The Abused Partner Leaves: . Abusive behavior can be part of that person's environment growing up, or it can be a learned behavior when the person is out on their own and life throws them some curves and they lack confidence and feel they are failures, or, in some cases t (MORE)

Dreaming of leaving your partner?

You may not be happy in your relationship and have entertained the thoughts of breaking up the relationship or that your partner is thinking along these lines, but feel you still love your partner or, it could simply be a dream and it could be as simple as someone telling you that they broke up with (MORE)

Why do people commit suicide when the are sexually abused?

Very often the guilt of sexual abuse is transferred to the child by the abuser. The child is told that he or she has a 'secret' and mustn't tell anyone about the abuse. Afterwards the child naturally feels dirty and shameful despite the fact that the child is innocent and the abuser the guilty party (MORE)

If you commit suicide who is responsible for your debt?

Regardless of the manner of death, the debts of the decedent fall to the estate. If the decedent is indigent, it is my understanding that there is no means to collect unless other guarantors exist on the individual accounts. Keep in mind that if it is the intending decedent's intent to leave all his (MORE)

Your partner attempted suicide after learning of your emotional affair and you want to leave but fear her attempting suicide again could not live with the guilt?

You are in a very difficult situation with a partner who has already attempted suicide because you were in an emotional affair and do not want to stay in this relationship. Having emotional affairs is generally because someone is not happy in their relationship and needs another to talk too (often t (MORE)

What are the responsibilities for partners in a relationship?

your responsibility in a partnership is to do all you can to make your partner happy,while still living your own life but making sure your partner knows your always there for them even if you let them down sometimes or the other way around never pointing out there flaws or,.... making them feel any (MORE)

How can I overcome depression and my partner leaving me?

Most people experience at least one bout of depression in their lifetime. Depression can be caused by trauma such as a death in the family; car accident, etc. Depression is often genetic. You need to look up depression on the Internet and print it out and sit down with your partner and go over th (MORE)

Should you leave a verbally abusive partner?

It really just depends on what he calls you. Are you aware of the fact that he's just "joking" in his point of view or not? ----------- Does he know that he's hurting you by his words? If he does, is he hurting you on prupose? Ask him these things, tell him it hurts. If it makes no difference to h (MORE)

Why did A from Death Note commit suicide?

A felt that he had too much pressure from being the next in line for L. So in an attempt to relieve the hatred everyone looked at him with, he commited suicide. He did this to give everyone else a fair chance.

When the birds partner dies do you leave the bird alone?

All birds have different personalities and requirement. The bird is used to companionship and if it doesn't have it's mate, it may become self destructive. You may be substituted for the dead bird if you show it attention. It may not accept you depending on the type of bird. Some species do bond for (MORE)

How do you spot partner abuse?

they will mostly be paranoid if your friends with them their character might change and you wont see them much. if you do have any suspicions you should really call the police about it. that would help them x

The husband has died and left a will leaving everything to the partner but the property was registered jointly with his wife. What can she do?

The answer depends on your jurisdiction. You cannot disinherit your spouse in almost every state in the United States except Louisiana. In the other states a spouse can claim a share of the state through a simple process under the doctrine of election. You need to consult with an attorney in your pa (MORE)

Are you responsible for burial after your partner has died?

Generally when your spouse or partner (if living common-law) has left a Will then the deceased should have put funds aside for the spouse or partner for burial services. If this has not been done then ask the family for help and they will either be happy to give some money towards the burial without (MORE)

Is your ex partner responsible for her part of the mortgage if she is on the deed also and leaves the house?

Yes. She is responsible for paying the mortgage. However, if she doesn't pay and you want to keep the property then you will need to pay the mortgage or the bank will take possession of the property by foreclosure and both your credit records will be affected. On the other hand, if you continue to m (MORE)

Why di Cleopatra committed suicide?

Cleopatra committed suicide to save herself the humiliation of being displayed as a trophy in Octavian's triumph back in Rome. Cleopatra committed suicide to save herself the humiliation of being displayed as a trophy in Octavian's triumph back in Rome. Cleopatra committed suicide to save herself (MORE)

What are the advantages of being with an abusive partner?

There are no advantages of being with an abusive partner. If you'vebeen one of the unfortunate people to have been with one, the onlyupper is that you may be able to recognize some signs when enteringfuture relationships. You may even be able to help friends orothers escape the same kind of horror b (MORE)