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If an account is reported as delinquent does it matter what the amount is?

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Yes, all the factors that are used to determine your credit score are important.
When any credit account is delinquent, the amount of the delinquency is not AS significant as the fact that it was not paid as agreed, but it is a factor.
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Can a creditor harass you about your spouses delinquent account?

A creditor is unable to harass for any debt. They can face penalty for doing so. read the FDCPA, it has helped me understand a little better what is and is not permitted to be

What does delinquency on a credit report mean?

  Answer   Means that you did not pay your bills on time, or that you've never paid some of them. Make sure you get that straightened out, then don't be late again!

What is delinquency?

"Delinquency" means wrongdoing. The term "delinquency" usually refers to juvenile delinquency. Juvenile delinquency is when a youth (under the age of 18) becomes involved in c

How can you remove a delinquency on your credit report?

  Initially, it's not possible unless the delinquency was placed there in error. If the delinquency was placed there correctly, then you PROBABLY have no other option than
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Can a creditor continue to report delinquency to a charged off account?

    Answer     Once an account is settled, as with a charge off, the creditor must refelct that the account is settled. Failure to do so is a violation of t

When you settle a card debt for less than the full amount should the amount due and the balance as listed on your credit report be zero or can they list the account as past due with a balance?

  Answer     The account can read 'settled-not paid in full'-'settled-paid' or similar.     The account should not be listed as 'past due' but any unpaid