If collecting Short Term Disability from employer because they wont accommodate light work load from Dr note can you get second part time job with light work load and still collect short term disabily?

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Is the employer the DI company (self insured) or is there a DI company? Ultimately you would need to ask the claims department.
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Can you receive short term or long term disability for pregnancy if you doctor puts you on light duty but your employer cannot accommodate this light duty or any other job at the company?

Most likely, yes. File a claim and have your doctor complete the Attending Physician's statement as well as your specific limitations and restrictions. Then have your employer provide you something in writing, stating that they cannot accommodate your limitations and restrictions. Provide this docum (MORE)

If you worked full time for over 5 years at a restaurant that doesn't offer maternity leave can you collect short term disability in Mass?

In CA you would I am scheduled to have my baby at the end of March 2004, and plan to take six weeks of maternity leave from my job . Will I be able to claim an additional six weeks of Paid Family Leave to bond with my baby after July 1, 2004, when Paid Family Leave benefits begin? Yes. You can file (MORE)

How long do you have to be out of work to collect long term disability insurance?

Long term disability benefits may be a benefit of employment, or provided under an individual policy purchased by the insured. In either event, the terms of the benefit will be defined in the plan or policy. These include the duration of time that the insured must be out of work, due to a disabling (MORE)

Can a person collect unemployment benefits while on short term disability in IL?

Private Disability Insurance . Private disability insurance includes sickness and accident payments, long-term disability, and short-term disability. This insurance is usually part of a benefits package at work.. If you are currently receiving sickness and accident payments, you are still eligib (MORE)

Short term disability living in NJ and working in PA?

NJ has state mandated coverage, and PA does not. The NJ disability plan covers NJ workers, not NJ residents. Check your paystub, and you will see that no deductions are being taken out for NJTDI. Short term disability insurance is available through private insurers for PA workers.

Can you collect short term disability while in rehab for alcoholism?

I would like to give you my opinion on that question even though most of us including myself consider alcholism a disability the state and or government does not i believe that you may have a chance at collecting unemployment benefits and you never know maybe you should file for disability and see i (MORE)

You are collecting emp long term dis for cancer and copd 3 years after devol carpel tunboth hands had surg. dr stated work related fought for wcomp won can long term take funds even not same disabili?

Difficult to "read" the question, BUT... it sounds as if the wording of the Longterm Disability AND the Workman's Compensation laws are going to have to be researched to see if there are provisions in them that allow a reduction in one, or both, in the case of multiple awards. It sounds as if you ne (MORE)

Can you still collect short term disability after job termination?

Check your policy for specific details. Some policies will require that you be unable to perform one or more "activities of daily living". Others will require that your doctor indicate that you can't perform the duties of your full time occupation, others any occupation.

How does short term disability work?

Assuming that you are referring to short term disability insurance, it is intended to replace income when the insured is unable to work due to an injury or medical condition that is not excluded by the terms of the policy. The reference to "short-term" distinguishes the coverage from long-term di (MORE)

How long do you have to be out of work to collect short term disability?

It depends - on your short term disability elimination period. If you live in a state with mandated coverage, check with your state's department of labor. If you have a private policy, see what elimination period you selected. The elimination period can be as short as 0 days for accidents, and 7 (MORE)

Can you collect unemployment while on short-term disability?

Generally you can't collect unemployment while disabled because you have to be ready, willing AND able to go to work immediately for full time. Disability makes that impossible, in most cases. If the time frame and every thing else applies, you might after the disability ends.

Can you go on short term disability for work stress?

Stress and Anxiety are both difficult conditions to assess when claiming disability insurance benefits. This is because Stress and Anxiety can be difficult conditions to diagnose. Unlike many illnesses, these conditions can not easily be diagnosed using medical exams or tests. Instead much of the di (MORE)

Can you work any while collecting long term disability?

This will depend on the type of Disability contract you have, and also the exact situation. If you are partially disabled, meaning that you can still work a few days a week or a few hours a day, but have suffered a loss of income because of the disabling illness or injury, then the answer is yes. (MORE)

Over what period of time can you collect short term disability?

The duration of time for which you are ability to collect Short Term disability benefits is completely determined by the policy. You should reference your Short-Term disability contract and check for the "benefit period". This will tell you how long benefits are payable for. Traditionally, Short- (MORE)

Can you switch from work comp to short term disability?

Usually not, unless you can prove your injury did not happen at work and having it listed as such was an error (made by someone other than you). I know being injured is the worst, dealing with people who want to give their 2 cents worth about your medical care is the pits, but if you have to be i (MORE)

Can you collect short term disability for surgery in Indiana?

Short-term disability benefits may be payable under a private insurance policy procured by you or by your employer. The policy will provide a definition of "disability" that has to be met in order to trigger benefits. Depending upon the definition, you may have to be rendered unable to perform the d (MORE)

Can you work another job while receiving short term disability?

Your not supposed to do that but how are they gonna find out? I mean Short Term Disability is about 66 2/3 percent of your salary and the burden of proof is on them. The only way an insurance company can find out is if someone reports you and/or something you do becomes public record otherwise, ther (MORE)

Can you collect short term disability for elective rotator cuff surgery for an injury not received on the job?

Is your tear complete? Some, may be most shoulder specialists wouldn't consider repair of a full thickness rotator cuff care elective. Yes, one can choose not to have surgery, but the result will be permanent damage, loss of function, and perhaps chronic pain. Answer: If you can't do all of your du (MORE)

What is the collective term for the people who work at jobs?

Examples of collective nouns for groups of people who work are: . a babble of barbers . a bench of judges . a board of directors . a brace of dentists . a cast of actors . a crew of sailors . a diligence of messengers . an eloquence of lawyers . a faith of merchants . a goring of butchers (MORE)

Can you collect social security while out on short term disability at work?

It is possible, however it depends on the particular Short-Term Disability Insurance policy you have. Your disability benefits booklet should be available from the employer. Some group disability policies integrate with Social Security and if you qualify for Social Security benefits, your disability (MORE)

What happens if you collect short term disability while you work your second job?

If your Short-Term Disability Insurance policy has an "Own-occupation" definition of disability, and your second job is not related with your main occupation, you could continue receiving short term DI benefits as long as you are still disabled and can't perform your duties of your main job. That be (MORE)

What if your employer does not have short term disability plAN?

You do have the option to get an individual plan for Short Term Disability Insurance! The advantage is that if you change jobs, you take the plan with you. Same goes for involuntary job loss, you're still covered if you lose your employment. Also, some employer plans do not cover off the job injurie (MORE)

Can an employeer request an employee back to work when on short term disability?

An employer can try inquire an employee to return to work, but if your attending physician considers you unable to work, you are still considered disabled. However, employment could be terminated if there are signs that you can no return to work anytime soon. Make sure you have a long-term disabilit (MORE)