If customer puts down a depost on services then never comes back can the merchant write it off?

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The alternator was replaced yesterday The service engine light has come on and will not go off As you drive and slow down at the stop signs the engine cuts off like there is no power at all?

Answer . I would make sure that the connections are back on tightly. Sounds like a loose connection. Your battery could also be going bad, but usually this would cause problems starting. There should be a ground connection along with a connector at the alternator. Make sure these are tight. Next (MORE)

What is write off and write back?

A write off occurs when a customer does not pay their bill. Thecompany decides that they might never collect it and they write itoff, or take it off the books. A write back occurs when the samecustomer finally pays the bill or part of it. The amount paid isthen added back to assets.

What comes down and never go up?

Rain I beg to differ. Rain may come down, but accdording to the water cycle, the "rain" becomes rundown water, and eventually evaporates, therefore, rain does go up.

What are the songs in the movie Never Back Down?

the only ones i can remember are the souldja boy remix with travis barkley and redjumpsuit apparatus-false pretense . Hi! I watched this movie last Friday and... even though it had some really bad reviews, I loved the soundtrack to it. It's really empowering. So, there is no official list (thus far (MORE)

Why is my service vehicle light ABS light and trac off light come on when I put my 2000 Pontiac grand am into drive?

These lights are probably all related.. When there is a problem in the ABS system, this will disable the TRACTION system, which will inturn illumiinate the Service Vehicle Soon light.. A common cause for this is there is a problem in the ABS. A faulty wheel speed senor or the harness to the sensor (MORE)

What does it mean if he is in jail and never writes back when you write to him?

it could mean a lot of things.. often, the person in jail is living a very different life from the life they lived outside of jail and it is hard for them to deal with loved ones who are still living that life. Its hard for them to think about those outside because it makes them think of all that t (MORE)

Never put off till tomorrow?

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Putting it offuntil tomorrow might mean that it never gets done.

How do you come down off drugs?

So there are a few ways to get down from drugs. First thing if you want to do this without going to a rehab or detox center you would have to but a drug that will get you off the other drug. there is another way you can have a very well trusted friend hold onto the drug and give you a certain amount (MORE)

What MMA gloves were used in the movie Never Back Down?

These ones where used by the main star http://www.combatsports.com/detail.aspx?ID=24645 Other users reply: There are alot of mma gloves on never back down here are some of the gloves I saw: Tapout gloves, Century gloves, Fairtex Gloves, Combat Sport gloves, Everlast gloves, Rouge gloves, Top co (MORE)

How do you come down off cocaine?

I am a research engineer and I've read many articles on this topicwhen SWIM did it a handful of times with friends a many years ago.I agree with the first answer, and most of the second. Never mixdrugs, especially with alcohol. If it doesn't kill you, it willdegrade your liver and possibly cause a n (MORE)

How do you say 'Never back down' in Latin?

One Latin equivalent of the English phrase 'Never back down' is the following: Nunquam redeas . Another equivalent is as follows: Nunquam redeatis . The word-by-word translation is the following: 'nunquam' means 'never'; and 'redeas' and 'redeatis' mean '[you] back down' and '[you all] back down', (MORE)

How do you write a customer service report?

Customer service reports are written to track the quality of service or product. When writing such a report, it is important to present information that is both clear and valuable.

Never put off until tomorrow?

never give up. OR "Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today". Which is a long way of saying "do it now" or "don't procrastinate".

How do you come down off Ritalin?

This is an answer that you must read and follow very carefully. Wait until youre not high anymore, if you are still high then the next step is very dangerous. When its done and you feel like (deleted at the insistance of thy censoring gods of the interweb) have a SMALL amount of alcohol. Mixing uppe (MORE)

What signs mean she is never coming back to you?

She is with someone else. She doesn't return your calls over a period of a month or longer. She drops off a box of your personal effects, or gifts that you have given her on your doorstep. She has a restraining order against you. She calls the police to tell them that you are vioationg the terms of (MORE)

What is 'Never back down' when translated from English to Italian?

In Italian a translation is mai indietro . Always remember that depending on the context of your sentences, the translation can vary. There may also be slang terminology if you were to travel to Italy. Keep in mind that online translators may not always be correct, they are a reflection of the exac (MORE)

Who are the actors in never back down?

Ryan McCarthy - Cam Gigandet Jake Tyler - Sean Faris Margot Tyler - Leslie Hope Charlie Tyler - Wyatt Smith Baja Miller - Amber Heart Max Cooperman - Even Peters (:

What go up but never come down?

Well it is easy age never gos down money bills don't go down i mean how cant you get that? BUT ANYWAYS THAT'S THE RIGHT ANSWER

How do you write an essay about good customer service?

An essay on good customer service will revolve around the conceptof delivering high-quality customer service, obtaining customersatisfaction, building customer loyalty, and maintaining thatloyalty. Customer service essays should address methods to createcustomer satisfaction, techniques to assist cu (MORE)

Where did shirt off his back come from?

At the time of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, many of the people in the crowd took off their garments and spread them on the ground for Him to ride over as He passed by riding a donkey. Clothing was quite valuable in those days, so it was a sacrifice, as well as a mark of ultimate respect. I (MORE)

What are all the songs in never back down 2?

Rular Rah - "It's Supposed To Happen" . Rular Rah - "The Freshest" . Joe Jackson feat. Skratch Music - "Super Star" . Stephen R. Phillips & Tim P. - "Lick My Plate" . Tucker Jameson & The Hot Mugs - "Train Tracks" . Rick Balentine - "1st Attack of the Marms" . Willknots - "Perfect Day" . Star (MORE)

Why does Answers drive off their readers with obnoxious blaring adds that are hard to track down and often cannot be turned off I will never be back on this site?

Registered members have the ability to turn off adverts in their account settings. Amongst other useful and extra tools. The ads associated with various articles on Answers provideadditional information related to the article on the page beingviewed and as such add value to the reader's experience (MORE)

Which are the best custom writing services?

There are dozens of services. I needed several times the service ofwrite, as I did not have opportunity to write as much as I had to,and I bumped into this custom writing company . This seemed to be the only one that metmy claims and requirements.