If customer puts down a depost on services then never comes back can the merchant write it off?

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If a charge off has just come off your credit report can a collection agency or debt collector put it back?

NO! Once a debt has reached it's statute of limitation it must be removed from your credit report. If a collection company reports the bedt with a new date dispute it immediatly because what they are doing is illegal.

What is wrong when your service light comes in a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire but shuts off and does not come back on?

absolutely nothing it seems, the light can be a finicky thing, check your ias (the wire connected to your air hose) that's a usual suspect

What goes up and never comes down?

The answer is Your Age Age - Yes, Age number doesn't goes down, but face beautifulness can make your face younger but not your age number. Space Monkeys - no , cause theres no monkeys in space Gas - no, government can change it Weather ballon - no, it can be popped up when so high or, can be popped when a plane,parachute or some air things go there

Why does your 98 aurora cut off going down the road then when you stop put it in park it starts back up?

I would also like to know the answer to this question! I have a 97 4.0 that does the same thing. It runs great but when i decelerate up to a stop sign, it dies, but will start right back up. sorry i can't help you . Would like answer also.

What is write off and write back?

A write off occurs when a customer does not pay their bill. Thecompany decides that they might never collect it and they write itoff, or take it off the books. A write back occurs when the samecustomer finally pays the bill or part of it. The amount paid isthen added back to assets.

What comes down and never go up?

Rain I beg to differ. Rain may come down, but accdording to the water cycle, the "rain" becomes rundown water, and eventually evaporates, therefore, rain does go up.

Does sperm come back down?

Answer . If they do it's not by will. Sperm have one mission and one mission only; to reach that egg once within the vagina.

What is Merchant Services?

Merchant services is a financial services product provided by a bank or merchant acquirer that enables a merchant with the ability to accept electronic payment transactions. The services typically delivered could involve payment processing for one or more of the following:. Credit Card . PIN Debit Card . PINLess Debit Card . E-Check - conversion, verification, and/or guarantee services . Electronic Gift Card . Loyalty Card . ACH . EBT - Electronic Benefits Transfer (Foodstams) . Age verification, gateway services, merchant cash advances, and more... . The top few processors currently control about 90% of the U.S. Market. To learn more about these market-dominating players, you can Google for "top bank card acquirers". These acquirers typically market their services in four primary ways. . Bank Alliances . ISO/MSP Relationships . Alliance/Referral relationships . Direct Sales . Bank Alliances are typically defined as a partnership, joint-venture, referral relationship, and/or (in the case of JP Morgan/Chase, US Bank, and Bank of America) a wholly-owned subsidiary. If you ask your local bank for merchant services, they will likely refer you to a processor/acquirer.. ISO/MSP's are defined as Independant Sales Offices or Merchant Sales/Service Partner. These are 3rd-party re-sellers who market services directly to merchants. In most cases, when you look up "Merchant Services" in the yellow-pages, or visit a paid-ad (you know the ones on the top and right side?) you are probably dealing with a 3rd party ISO/MSP.. Alliance/Referral relationships are usually setup by trade associations, discount clubs (i.e. - Costco and Sams Club both have programs), or possibly your gateway or software provider.. Direct Sales are just what it says - if you call the 800# for any of the "major" acquirers you will likely speak with someone in direct sales with the organization. Some organizations also maintain their own direct sales staff to actively solicit merchants.. So the simple answer is that you can call your Bank, lookup a provider in the YellowPages, sign up through a discount club or other association, or directly with the acquirer. There are pricing and servicing pros and cons to each option so who you use will really depend upon your needs.

When is System Of A Down coming back?

Well nothing is sure you know.. each one is doing his own thing. Serj is doing his solo proyect, Shavo got into hip hop music with his band Achozen, and Daron and John are in scars on Broadway which recently broke up.. I don´t know what is Daron doing know but I heard something of John getting in a new band. Shavo on an interview said That it would be a minimum of 3 years of hiatus, Also i heard they were getting toghether again on 2012.. But who knows the only way to know the real deal is wait...

What is the song to the never back down commercial?

the song is "All around me" by flyleaf. the song is "All around me" by flyleaf

How many customers are totally ripped off by Conn's and have been lied to by them about their service packages and commitment of care they receive you are a repeat dummy for the last time Never trust?

I brought a TV in February of 2008 from the store in Mesquite, Texas. When we get it out of the box the power button would not work but we were okay with that since we had a remote control. On April 5, 2008 I put a VCR tape in the TV and it would not reject. I took my store in Euless, Texas and was told I had to leave it. I kept calling the repair center because no one would return my phone call and tell me why no one had started to work on my TV. I was told that the service center only had one tech because the home office cleaned house because the repairmen were not doing their job. Finally on April 19 th I received a call from a Lloyd just to tell me that there was water damage and that is why the power button would not work and my warrant would not cover water damage. I explain to Lloyd that the power button did not work from the day I took it out of the box and I clean and have no children in the house so I know that I did not put the water damage there. He could not tell me how long the water damage had been there and was not concern at all. I explain to Lloyd that I had the Euless store check before I left the TV with them and the only thing that was wrong with the TV was the power button and the VCR tape not rejecting and I wanted my TV back. He was only to have the manager, Terry, call me and still I have not heard anything. I have called and had to leave messages with their home office and still I have no return calls or my TV. I will never buy anything from Conn's and have call the Consumer Fair Trade and everyone else I can think of to help get my TV back so I can take it to a true repair center. Any suggestions

How do you put a power window back on track when it has come off due to ice inside?

Roll the window about half way down, remove the door panel, take out the bolt(s) holding the window in, completely pull the window out, inspect the tracks for damage, replace if necessary, slide the window back in the tracks. There may be access holes in the door underneath the panel that will lineup with the bolt(s) holding the window in.

What are the songs in the movie Never Back Down?

the only ones i can remember are the souldja boy remix with travis barkley and redjumpsuit apparatus-false pretense . Hi! I watched this movie last Friday and... even though it had some really bad reviews, I loved the soundtrack to it. It's really empowering. So, there is no official list (thus far that I am aware of) of the songs, but I can tell you the ones I've researched/believe were in the movie. Here goes! . Trapt - Headstrong Meg & Dia - Monster Papa Roach - To Be Loved Flyleaf - All Around Me Soulja Boy - Crank That (Travis Barker Rmx) Rise Against - Under The Knife Andre Nickatina - Ayo For Yayo Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - False Pretense Flipsyde - Someday 12 Stones - Anthem For The Underdog My Chemical Romance - Teenagers The Bravery - Time Won't Let Me Go Toby Mac - The Slam R. Kelly feat. Kid Rock & Ludacris - Rockstar Kanye West - Stronger The Cribs - Be Safe Mellowdrone - Orange Marmalade TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me Mute Math - You Are Mine The Bravery - Believe Lil Wayne feat. Static Major - Lollipop Chamillionaire feat. Lil Wayne - Rock Star Gym Class Heroes -Its Okay but just this once The bravery-above and below . If there were anymore you recall but do not know entirely... PLEASE let me know so I can find them! AND if this list has songs that are incorrect, let me know... because it's not like it can be officially proven, but I'd like to know your input anyway! I . Erm.. I posted this somewhere else with a mistake in it... sorry. .___., .

When is the movie never back down coming to DVD?

Never Back Down is scheduled to be released on DVD on July 29, 2008 in both blu-ray and widescreen formats.

Where are the clothes from the movie never back down?

Are u asking what clothing the actors wore. I know that they wore affliction, tapout, xtreme couture, and warrior for sure.

How do you get to Never Back Down from On Demand?

You can't. You can "buy" it from Amazon Instant Video for $5.99 and watch it on your computer.

Never put off till tomorrow?

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Putting it offuntil tomorrow might mean that it never gets done.

How do you come down off drugs?

So there are a few ways to get down from drugs. First thing if you want to do this without going to a rehab or detox center you would have to but a drug that will get you off the other drug. there is another way you can have a very well trusted friend hold onto the drug and give you a certain amount of the drug at x amount of time(s) per day per x amount of dose(s) and slowly they should lower the dose at the speed in which it won't effect you the small amount taken out from day to day. Make sure that you write down your dose and how many times you do it and then from there you can see the progress from day to day. This might take a month or two depending on how much of the drug your on and how often you are doing it. heroin will take longer than cocaine morphine will take longer than heroine PCP will take longer than morphine. Every person has a different way but this way you will have less to no withdrawl symptoms

How do you come down off cocaine?

I am a research engineer and I've read many articles on this topicwhen SWIM did it a handful of times with friends a many years ago.I agree with the first answer, and most of the second. Never mixdrugs, especially with alcohol. If it doesn't kill you, it willdegrade your liver and possibly cause a neurological imbalance.Mixing certain things can be far more dangerous than either alonein a variety of ways, and the amounts and frequency of use hitwoman harder than men (smaller liver, less muscle). As formasturbation, it releases high levels of endorphins and otherneurotransmitters, which normally act as a natural relaxant.However, they could interact with stimulants or a chemical productor metabolite of the drug. and cause anxiety and excessive stresson the heart, which is already being overworked either by the drugor the come down or both. My advice: Time your high so that you come down about 2 hours afteryour normal bedtime or later. 1-3 mg of Melatonin is the safest,best option, with maybe a little pot if it doesn't normally evermake you anxious. Sublingual liquid or capsule forms of melatoninare much better than tablets for quick absorption. Vitamins andfood help, too. A whole-food multi with a vitamin C chewable, afull spectrum B vitamin, and Calcium-magnesium-Vitamin D combo, andliquid Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 drops are all helpful for apositive mood and general recovery from any intoxication. Avoid TV;the cortisol release it causes can make you anxious. Stay positiveand take care of yourself and recovery from cocaine should berestorative (no hangover). Other options: Valerian root, meditation (if practiced), soothingmusic, shower, exercise if too early for sleep. Additional usage tips: Overdoing things does not lead to a betteroverall experience in most cases, even if you might want to push itand it feels good in the moment. Stick to 2 lines to get going and1-2 lines every half hour to an hour, depending on your size.Remember the higher you get, the higher the risk and the furtheryou have to come down eventually, so taper off your use at the end,especially if your stash is limited. Try to spread them out andmake the lines smaller. WARNINGS: Cocaine causes brain lesions and destroys your nasalpassages over time. The after effects will also get worse as usecontinues. After the downward spiral begins, your judgement andability to stop using will decline with your other faculties. Ifyou should find yourself not bouncing back quickly or you are moodythe day after, you are doing too much or it is not the recreationalactivity for you at all. Also, this should go without saying, butnever drive either during or after cocaine use until you arerecovered. It is highly illegal and dangerous. Always treat anydrug, legal or not, with care and consideration, like anything thathas the power to kill or vegetize you.

How do you say 'Never back down' in Latin?

One Latin equivalent of the English phrase 'Never back down' is the following: Nunquam redeas . Another equivalent is as follows: Nunquam redeatis . The word-by-word translation is the following: 'nunquam' means 'never'; and 'redeas' and 'redeatis' mean '[you] back down' and '[you all] back down', respectively. If you want to tell someone to never back down, that would be an inperative form. Noli cedere - addressed to one person Nolite credere - addressed to more than one

How do you write a customer service report?

Customer service reports are written to track the quality of service or product. When writing such a report, it is important to present information that is both clear and valuable.

Never put off until tomorrow?

never give up. OR "Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today". Which is a long way of saying "do it now" or "don't procrastinate".

How do you come down off Ritalin?

This is an answer that you must read and follow very carefully. Wait until youre not high anymore, if you are still high then the next step is very dangerous. When its done and you feel like (deleted at the insistance of thy censoring gods of the interweb) have a SMALL amount of alcohol. Mixing uppers(like ritalin) and downers(like alcohol) is very dangerous. However, if you have SMALL amount to drink, something slightly less then a mild buzz, I've found that it counteracts. DO NOT GET DRUNK, DANGEROUS RESULTS LIKE DEATH MAY OCCUR. You have to be careful. Best way to go about it is coolers, one or two, maybe three if you drink alot.

What signs mean she is never coming back to you?

She is with someone else. She doesn't return your calls over a period of a month or longer. She drops off a box of your personal effects, or gifts that you have given her on your doorstep. She has a restraining order against you. She calls the police to tell them that you are vioationg the terms of the restraining order every time she drives be your home. She never has anything nice to say about you. she does not speak to you.

How do you keep service engine light off when i put two new knock sensors in and the code is saying p0332 still i keep clearing it and comes back on?

If the sensor has been changed, the wiring checked, then the problem is with the computer.

Who goes up and never comes down?

If you are a stupid person you would not know this. Your age dumb dumb.

Who are the actors in never back down?

Ryan McCarthy - Cam Gigandet Jake Tyler - Sean Faris Margot Tyler - Leslie Hope Charlie Tyler - Wyatt Smith Baja Miller - Amber Heart Max Cooperman - Even Peters (:

Can finace company put down payments on a customers account that they had never made and put down reversals made on the pay ment and then say insuficient funds?

If you had a dispute with a auto finance company that had put down that you had made a payment on a certain day and you and your bank no that you didnt but the finance company is trying to say that you did is it legal for this kind of stuff to be done?

System of a down is coming back?

in fact they are they are playing in 2011 check it out in their page

What go up but never come down?

Well it is easy age never gos down money bills don't go down i mean how cant you get that? BUT ANYWAYS THAT'S THE RIGHT ANSWER

Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Sooner started, sooner done.

What comes down but never comes up?

RAIN! Well, actually, rain does go back up, when it evaporates. Gravity would have to be the answer.

How do you write an essay about good customer service?

An essay on good customer service will revolve around the conceptof delivering high-quality customer service, obtaining customersatisfaction, building customer loyalty, and maintaining thatloyalty. Customer service essays should address methods to createcustomer satisfaction, techniques to assist customers, culturalsensitivity, and problem resolution.

How do you write appraisee's comments in customer service?

To write an appraiser's comments in customer service, you need tobe open- minded. You should include all that you think isapplicable like the type of service, knowledge, relevant skills andso much more.

Who has used HQessays.com it is a custom made essay writing service?

I've ordered six page essay on capital punishment. The price was high but the paper was sent in seven hours. It was sited properly and it went through turnitin. I would say I satisfied with this service.

Where did shirt off his back come from?

At the time of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, many of the people in the crowd took off their garments and spread them on the ground for Him to ride over as He passed by riding a donkey. Clothing was quite valuable in those days, so it was a sacrifice, as well as a mark of ultimate respect. In the Old Testament, it was also a custom to do this to acknowledge a king. So the current meaning of being willing to give anything, no matter the cost, is consistent with these Biblical events.

How come the antifreeze I put in my Saturn 99 sc2 never goes down I haven't put antifreeze in it for months?

Don't complain; if the engine isn't leaking coolant that just means everything is sealed up properly.

What is leave now and never come back from?

It is from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Gollum talking to himself.

How do you come down off of xanax?

With all the willpower you have. I came off 8 to 10 / 600 mcg fentanyl pops a day for 5 years. So if i can do that then anyone can do anything they want. Only if they want to

What are some good custom essay writing services?

I believe that would be considered as running a plagiarism business which is illegal. . There are many online writing companies are ruling on web. Most of them are fraud and providing poor quality content. There are some things you can do to check if the company is really English based one check the company website domain whois address. The website has customer service phone number to contact if possible talk to them over phone to know if they really are from USA. Some companies go beyond this extend and provide free draft. If you got such company order an essay for free to check if they are doing the job as claimed by their website. There are list of fraud scammed thesis writing, essay writing companies revealed online.

If your fish has died can you put it down the toilet and does it come back alive?

Yes you can put it down the toilet, as long as you flush it. And no it's very unlikely to come back alive.

How come the back suspension is down?

Back of what? If your speaking of an automobile, it could be because something heavy is in the back or the suspension is worn out.

What goes and never comes down?

Your age because your age goes up ,you grow older and your age don't go back again.

Is lpso never coming back?

guys i am trying to bring it back i will just re-create it soon....- hopefully!

What to write for please summarize any customer service experience you have had?

There a number of things you can write to summarize any customerservice experience you have had. Mentioning a sales experience orhelping a customer who was did not know what exactly to buy aresome of the issues you can highlight.

How can write a dialog between an unsatisfied customer and customer service?

Writing dialogue is not as hard as you're letting it seem. You have dialogue all the time -- it's called talking. If you honestly cannot think of what your characters are going to say to one another, you need to go take a break and go somewhere out in public. Sit somewhere in the middle of a crowd for one to two hours and just listen to people talking. Then, go home and write down some of the things you heard people saying. That's dialogue. Surely you have heard someone in a store or other setting complaining to the management! If you think about it a little bit, you can come up with a good dialogue. When you need to have your characters talk, just pretend it's you and a friend (or several friends), and have them say something you'd probably say in the same situation. Then imagine what your friends would say in reply, and go back and forth that way. As you become a better writer, your characters themselves will "tell" you what they want to say, because they become like real people to you.

Go to mars but never come back?

Not for me thanks, but I bet there'd be a fair number of peoplewho'd be willing to sign up for that.

Why does Answers drive off their readers with obnoxious blaring adds that are hard to track down and often cannot be turned off I will never be back on this site?

Registered members have the ability to turn off adverts in their account settings. Amongst other useful and extra tools. The ads associated with various articles on Answers provideadditional information related to the article on the page beingviewed and as such add value to the reader's experience.Answers.com provides valuable information to millions of readers atno cost. By contrast, many internet sites have paywalls thatprevent internet users from accessing the site without paying acostly subscription fee. Most intelligent people understand thatwithout advertising revenues they would not be able to enjoy freeaccess to many valuable resources on the web.

Which are the best custom writing services?

There are dozens of services. I needed several times the service ofwrite, as I did not have opportunity to write as much as I had to,and I bumped into this custom writing company . This seemed to be the only one that metmy claims and requirements.

What was the main purpose of Custom Essay Writing Service?

It a paid for service. However, such service have to be examine andtheir work if submitted by a student cannot guarantee success. Itis always encouraged that students learn the basics of essaywriting as these skills are frequently needed in career life anddomestic lives later. Always consult your teacher/tutor for adviceon essay construction