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If divorced and the spouse dies can the surviving spouse get married in the church?

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The spouse can get married before he/she dies or after. Unless the religion prevents a marriage there is nothing in law that prevents it.

Additional information:
In terms of civil law, once a person is divorced, he/she can be married again regardless of the status (single, remarried, alive or dead) of the ex-spouse.

Whether or not a divorced person can be married in a church depends entirely on the specific type of church. The Roman Catholic church does not recognize divorce. Whether a Roman Catholic who had been divorced could be married in the Roman Catholic
Church after the ex-spouse dies is a question that needs to be answered by a priest. Different priests may have different views.

Most main-line Protestant churches will permit divorced persons to be remarried in the church whether the ex-spouse is living or not. Other more conservative Protestant denominations and non-denominational congregations have a variety of practices and would need to be investigated separately.
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If you are Catholic but your spouse is not and you were not married in the church then are you truly married?

Until a marriage case is examined, the assumption is always yes, you are married. However, to have a thorough answer you must present your marriage and its circumstances to a

What if the surviving spouse dies?

If they own property it would pass according to the provisions in their will. If they have no will it would pass to their heirs-at-law according to the state laws of intestacy

Can a Catholic man who was married in a church divorced and the ex spouse is now deceased get married again in a Catholic Church?

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