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If divorced and the spouse dies can the surviving spouse get married in the church?

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The spouse can get married before he/she dies or after. Unless the religion prevents a marriage there is nothing in law that prevents it.

Additional information:
In terms of civil law, once a person is divorced, he/she can be married again regardless of the status (single, remarried, alive or dead) of the ex-spouse.

Whether or not a divorced person can be married in a church depends entirely on the specific type of church. The Roman Catholic church does not recognize divorce. Whether a Roman Catholic who had been divorced could be married in the Roman Catholic
Church after the ex-spouse dies is a question that needs to be answered by a priest. Different priests may have different views.

Most main-line Protestant churches will permit divorced persons to be remarried in the church whether the ex-spouse is living or not. Other more conservative Protestant denominations and non-denominational congregations have a variety of practices and would need to be investigated separately.
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