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How can hydroelectric generation provide electrical energy?

Hydroelectricity is a method of producing electricity from flowing water. A large area of water - typically held behind a dam - is forced (by it's own weight) through a turbi (MORE)

If fusion could provide earth with clean energy for thousands of generations why don't we start using it now?

The problem is that, although there are a range of different techniques for fusion, most of them produce less energy than is required to sustain the reaction.. The most promi (MORE)
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When a fusion reactor for safely generating energy is developed the element that could meet Earths energy demands for millions of years is?

The most likely fusion reaction to be exploited for power production is between deuterium and tritium, both isotopes of hydrogen. Deuterium oxide is heavy water and can be pro (MORE)
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What provides the energy for the earth?

Earth's surface energy budget is 99.96% from the Sun and 0.04% from heat conducted from geothermal activity. Below the earth's surface, the energy allowed for the creation (MORE)