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If fusion could provide earth with clean energy for thousands of generations why don't we start using it now?

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The problem is that, although there are a range of different techniques for fusion, most of them produce less energy than is required to sustain the reaction. The most promising systems are "hot" reactors. The reaction takes place under conditions of very high temperature and pressure and it is difficult to safely contain such reactions. There are plans to build a prototype reactor that will produce a net energy output for "many minutes" but, alas, we are several years (possibly many years) from commercial fusion power stations.
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Sustained nuclear fusion has yet to be achieved and remains a hope for abundant future energy yet the energy that has sustained us has been the energy of nuclear fusion. How do you explain this?

In the sun, and other stars, it is nuclear fusion which provides the power which enables life on earth to flourish. The nuclear reaction in the sun is called the proton-proton

Where does nuclear fusion from the sun affect earth?

It affects earth because the high temperature of the sun causes radiation (visible light, infra-red, and ultra-violet rays) to be emitted and we receive some of this. The fusi

What nutrients provide energy for the body?

Protein, fat, and carbohydrates provide energy for the body. Carbohydrates provide bodily energy the quickest. Fats/Lipids are stored as body fat for later/emergency usage. P
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Why is it more difficult to start a fusion reaction than fission?

Fission reactions start naturally if the proportion of U-235 is high enough; there is evidence this has happened in places in Africa in the distant past of Earth's history. Fu
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Why fusion is impractical for energy?

Fusion is impractical for energy due to the immense ammount of energy produced in a fusion reaction. Fusion produces much more energy than a fission reaction. Due to this, it

Why isnt nuclear fusion currently used as an energy source?

It takes tremendous heat and pressure to get nuclear fusion to  occur. This heat and pressure is typically available in the cores  of sufficiently massive stars. We have pro