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If fusion could provide earth with clean energy for thousands of generations why don't we start using it now?

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The problem is that, although there are a range of different techniques for fusion, most of them produce less energy than is required to sustain the reaction. The most promising systems are "hot" reactors. The reaction takes place under conditions of very high temperature and pressure and it is difficult to safely contain such reactions. There are plans to build a prototype reactor that will produce a net energy output for "many minutes" but, alas, we are several years (possibly many years) from commercial fusion power stations.
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Why is nuclear fusion not currently used as an energy souce on earth?

We do not currently have the technical knowledge to produce controlled fusion reactors on a scale large enough to produce power. Right now, the only two viable uses of fusion

Why is nuclear fusion not used for generating electricity?

  "It would be very desirable to use nuclear fusion to produce power on Earth. The fuel source, the hydrogen in water, is highly abundant, and the process is very clean an

Why don't people use renewable energy now?

They do, but if you are asking why it is not done on a larger scale, it has to do with money. For the current energy companies to switch over to a new technology cost money up

Why don't we use nuclear fusion in nuclear power plants?

nuclear fussion process is not followed in most of the power plants because it is very difficult process to combine the atoms .rather than spliting the atoms.nuclear fission p

When a fusion reactor for safely generating energy is developed the element that could meet Earths energy demands for millions of years is?

  The most likely fusion reaction to be exploited for power production is between deuterium and tritium, both isotopes of hydrogen. Deuterium oxide is heavy water and can

Why don't we use nuclear fusion?

At this time nuclear fusion is only practical in bombs and stars. Since the early 1950s various experimental apparatus have been tried to determine how to build a fusion react
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