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If have been spotting brown and bleeding then after almost a week of spotting you start cramping are you pregnant or did you have a miscarriage?

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im 16 and i was supposed to start my period a couple weeks ago and i never did now i am spotting brown blood i was wondering if anyone could tell me what that means
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Are you having a miscarriage if your HCG is 157 and you are spotting lightly with cramping and you are about 4 weeks' pregnant?

  Answer     Well your HCG level is to double about every other day, and you have had tracking done if it dropping in number than I would say yes, for you to be 4

Is it a sign of an impending miscarriage at 8 weeks pregnant to spot brown blood with small pieces of tissue for three days and feel as if you have very mild cramps?

Answer   Yes, I do think so. You should ask your doctor to check your HcG level. If it is low then you might have to start to worry. If it is normal, chances are that eve

Im 8 weeks pregnant. Yesterday after sex started bleeding. Now spotting dark brown with hints of red and squished looking brown clots also cramping. What is going on?

  Answer     Unfortunately it sounds as though you may be having a threatened miscarriage. It is nothing to do with having sex yesterday as 8 weeks is one of th

You are 7 weeks pregnant and experienced brown spotting for a couple of days then you noticed a clot of white tissue mixed with brown bits you have had no further bleeding could this be a miscarriage?

Answer . This is no time to be sitting at the computer asking us if you are having a miscarriage. Hopefully you aren't, but it's extremely important that you get to your do

Im 4 weeks pregnant have started bleeding not just spotting and cramping is this a miscarriage?

I am going through the same problem. I am pregnant (confirmed today) but three days ago I bled brown then sorta heavy red then light brown again but it was only three days now