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If im 13 and 4'10 am i a midget?

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no if ur only 13 that's ok but if ur really insurecure about ur height then i suggest u go to ur g.p to make sure ur gowwing proply and to see if ur the right height for ur age
If you are 4'10" at age 13, you are not a midget. You are a giant.....unless you are from a country where people are extremely tall. If I could have been 4'10" at that age, I would not have had to run so fast to keep school bullies from beating the hell out of me.
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You are 4'10'' and 23 what would you be considered Dwarf or midget?

  Probably not. According to the "Little People of America", dwarfism is "a medical or genetic condition that usually results in an adult height of 4 feet 7 inches (144 c

How tall will i be if im 4'10 and 12 turning 13?

  Men generally don't stop growing until they're about 21, and girls stop around 17 or 18. However, it's mostly based on genetics - how tall are your parents? How tall wer