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If mitosis or meiosis fail what is the consequence?

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The consequence is the Life cycle of Fern Plant will be incomplete ..
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What is meiosis and mitosis?

Mitosis- its a division of one cell; into two identical cells. prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokenesis are the steps.    Meiosis- its a division in whic

How does meiosis differ from mitosis?

Mitosis makes new cells that are used during growth, development, repair, and asexual reproduction. Meiosis makes cells that enable an organism to reproduce sexually and hap

How is meiosis similar to mitosis?

Both meiosis and mitosis are forms of cell reproduction.   They both have a prophase and an anaphase. Both are forms of cell reproduction/ Both are forms of nuclear divi

List one possible consequence of errors in mitosis or meiosis?

A possible consequence of errors during mitosis could be that two daughter cells don't contain the correct amount od chromosomes. This would result in the cell killing itself

Is the zygote dividing by mitosis or meiosis?

A zygote is created by the fertilization of two haploid cells created by meiosis. Because a zygote is fertilized by two haploid cells, it is diploid. It then has to divide and

Mitosis is to somatic cells as meiosis is to what?

Germ cells. Somatic cells perform mitosis to get genetically identical daughter cells, and germ cells perform meiosis to get genetically different cells. In gametophytes, it's

Why meiosis is called modified mitosis?

Meiosis is very similar to mitosis. Meiosis produces two "half-cells" after the first cell division. Mitosis, however produces two fully genetically capable cells. After mitos
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Why do cells undergo mitosis an meiosis?

Mitosis: Cells undergo mitosis to replace dead cells. If there is/are cell(s) absent in any part of the body, mitosis occurs to replace the missing cell(s). So basically, if a

How do meiosis and mitosis work together?

meiosis and mitosis do not work together because they replicate different types of cells. They are different because (1) the number of daughter cells produced after the end o