If my ex husband lost his drivers license from not paying childsupport and is supposed to pick up our children do I need to drive them over to his house?

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NO!!! Never chase a man to be a father.
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What can you do if your ex-husband never wants to pick up the children even when he has the right to every other weekend?

you just have to try and keep a smile on your face and if he doesnt pick them up try and do something fun with your kids so they forget for atleast the time being. that's real

DO you need a drivers license to drive a golf cart?

No, usually not. You usually you do not need a driver's license to drive unless you drive on a state maintained road. This is a question you will need to ask your local law en

Should you pay child if a woman has children by ex husband?

I'm not clear on what your asking. If your asking do you have to pay then it depends on a few things (assuming you two have kids of your own): . You have to pay child supp

Why do drivers needs to have a license to drive?

Because if people didn't have a license to drive a car they would crash and prevent alot of arguments and plus its apart of the law..... The drivers license is proof tha