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If one parent has A positive blood and the other has O positive blood what type will the baby have?

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The cross would be AA x OO or AO x OO which would result in either AO or OO depending on whether the A+ person was AA or AO. so they would be either A+ or O + it doesn't really depend on what is more common but depends on whether the A+ person is really AA+ or AO+
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Can an ab positive blood type parent O positive blood type child?

No this is impossible, because for the O+ to come there should be two identical chromosomes (ii) , and the AB+ type has (IAIB), so even if one of the parents has an (i) in his

What blood type will a baby have if one parent o positive and the other have o negative?

Any offspring of these two parents will always be type O. As far as the Rh status is concerned, it depends if the parent who is Rh positive is heterozygous or homozygous for t

Do siblings have same parents when one sibling has blood type o positive and the other sibling has ab positive?

using the information given, you can assume that if they do have the same parents, one must havethe genotype iAiO and the other must have the genotype iBiO. if you do a simple