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If one parent has A positive blood and the other has O positive blood what type will the baby have?

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The cross would be AA x OO or AO x OO which would result in either AO or OO depending on whether the A+ person was AA or AO. so they would be either A+ or O + it doesn't really depend on what is more common but depends on whether the A+ person is really AA+ or AO+
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If a parent is A positive blood and the baby is o positive. what is the father's blood type?

The first parent would be heterozygous for type A. The second parent would have to be heterozygous for type A, heterozygous for type B, or blood type O. The positive or negati

If one parent is AB positive and the other O positive what will the child's blood type be?

Each person has two genes that determine blood type - one you inherit from each parent. There are three versions (know as alleles) of this gene: A, B, and O. Having A and/or B

If one parent is B positive and the other one is O positive what blood type would the child have?

Each parent contributes one blood group gene to a child, so a blood group is made up of 2 parts. If both parents contribute a "B" gene, then the blood group would most definit

What Blood type will a baby be from o positive parents?

well since O blood type is dominant the offspring will most likely have O+ if both parent genetic over cross is Bb (one of the parents parent has o+ blood while the other has

What blood type will a baby have if one parent o positive and the other have o negative?

Any offspring of these two parents will always be type O. As far as the Rh status is concerned, it depends if the parent who is Rh positive is heterozygous or homozygous for t