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If pH is 7.8 and total alkalinity is 240 and the 12'x3' pool is starting to get green stuff in the bottom what should you do?

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Add muriatic acid to lower your TA to a more acceptable level...around 100, but no higher than 140. Then balance with bicarbonate of soda if necessary to increase ph. Once you get to an acceptable TA add an algaecide or shock the pool to get rid of the algae on the bottom.  
Just triple shock with liquid chlorine; for your pool 2.25L. You probably need to add water (because of splashing) quite regularily so I wouldn't bother lowering the alkalinity.
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Why would a 12 foot by 3 foot vinyl pool you shocked three times and got the free chlorine level to 5 and the pH to 75 now have green cloudy water if there was 0 alkaline in the water used to fill it?

  Try adding some algaecide. It sounds like you have an algae problem. How often are you shocking your pool. If it's extremely sunny, then your free chlorine will be reduc

How do you raise the pH in a swimming pool without affecting the total alkalinity?

Alkalinity and pH   In a pool with an alkaline pH level (7.0 to 14) you would use soda ash. If your pH level is acidic (6.0 to 6.9) when you add soda ash (sodium carbonat

How do you clear up green pool water when the pH and alkalinity are in balance?

Answer   Alage, Alage, Alage, you need to control it, and once you do your pool will be sparkling clean   Response to this ridiculously useless answer: First of all, i

How do you balance the water in an above ground vinyl-lined pool if the total alkalinity is at 240 and your pH is 6.8?

  Drain the pool   Start by draining the pool half way and refilling it. That should cut the alkalinity in about half, which is about where you want to be. When it's

How can your pool have very high total alkalinity but very low pH?

For most residential pools, this is a trick question. One adds acid to reduce pH and Total Alkalinity. However, as total dissolved solids(TDS) build, say past 2,000ppm, pH of

Total alkalinity level in a pool should be what?

The accepted range in the pool industry is 80-120 ppm. If using isocyanurate chlorines, 100-140 is more acceptable. The reason is that as cyanuric acid levels increase, the mo

What to do when alkalinity is 223 and Ph is 7.8?

Use Muriatic acid or Alkalinity minus to get your akalinity in line. It should be around 100 ppm. Caution this will also bring your pH down to. Then use 20 mule team borax tha

What to do if PH is 8.4 and alkainity is 240 in your pool?

The chemical to use to lower your PH and Alkaline Levels would be Sodium Bisulfate or PH Down. While the pool is running broadcast 1lb per 10,000 gals of water and apply this