If someone is in the United States on a student visa how can he become a legal resident?

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Having a student visa means that you are legally in the U.S. They could change their student visa to a working visa (H1. After that they can apply for a green card and later apply for citizenship. Getting a green card can take years. Only after getting a green card they will be able to apply for citizenship. The process can become much easier if that person gets married with an American citizen. Then, it will be a question of months.
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If someone came to the US illegally can he become a legal resident or will he be deported?

Yes, if he came illegally, then he will be deported, since he is a criminal and will retain that criminal record forever. Every country in the whole world does this for its own protection, because he was violating their national laws and borders when he went there illegally, without applying and i (MORE)

Can someone with a student visa marry a legal alien resident and become a resident?

Yes they can. However it takes about 5 years to do so. During this period the person with the student visa has to either maintain a student visa and stay in school or adjust their visa if graduating for example. Usually sometime during this 5 year period the resident alien becomes a citizen and at t (MORE)

When a permanent resident with a valid green card marries a girl who is on a student visa what is the process for her to become a legal U.S. resident?

Answer . From what i understand the U.S. legal resident would first have to become a naturalized citizen and then he could begin the petition of asking for his wife. I do not believe that a person w/ a green card, even if valid, can ask for an immigrant.. Answer . Actually, a permanent reside (MORE)

What could happen to someone charged several thousand dollars on a credit card while in the States on a student visa and then left the country?

%REPLIES%. Answer . Probably the only action that could logically be taken, would be to deny any future student or work visa to the person in question.. Answer . Denying any future visa is a possible action. \n. \nBut can you explain the legal actions that may be taken from the credit card (MORE)

If you're here on a student visa f-1 acting how can you become a permanent US resident?

Answer . By applying for "adjustment of status." aka "green card." But i don't know if it's possible with a F-1 (student visa). Visit the USCIS office nearest you, or their website for further details. Tip: google it (search engine) under "INS" or "USCIS" to find the website, since I don't rememb (MORE)

How hard will it be to find a job if you are working on a psychology degree at an online university and living in the United States on a student visa but are not American?

Answer . Assuming it is legal for you to work in the US, it should be fairly easy for you to find some type of job, depending on your English fluency and skills/experience. There are no occupations in the psychology field open to anyone without a Master's at a minimum, and preferably a Phd. or P (MORE)

Can someone currently in the United States on a tourist visa become a permanent resident and petition to change her status if she marries a guy with either a white card or green card?

Answer . \nThe person can file for permanent residency, but being married does not assure that it will be granted. Even marrying a U.S. citizen does not guarantee that the spouse will be granted citizenship, permanent status or not be deported. For more specific information pertaining to the issu (MORE)

How can someone who entered the country as a minor with no visa become a resident?

Answer . Any one, including a minor, enters US should have a visa. If a minor enters US without a visa and U.S. custom inspection & I-94 card, most likely, this minor enters US illegally.. If that is the case, it is very difficult for this illegal minor alien to become legal US Permanent Residen (MORE)

How can someone with an expired student visa who has remained in the US illegally for several years become a citizen?

Answer . Only way is to marry an American Citizen. Sorry but that is only way to remain in the USA. There are visas that are given in lotteries but for you that is too far away as you, I presume are fairly young. Warning, if you leave the US you will NOT be allowed to re-enter due to breaking Imm (MORE)

If a couple from Moldova in the United States on work visas have a child while in the United States would they all become US citizens?

Answer . no only the child can be a naturalized citizen because it is born within the united states and u were not born here so you still have to rely on your visas.. Answer . no, only the child who has been born on United States soil. Answer . Yes, because they were born on US soil and acc (MORE)

If you are in the United States on a green card and have an American child with a US citizen will you become legal?

no you will not just because you have had a child in America does not make you a united states citizen you will still be on a green card because you were not born in the united states obviously that's why you have a green card and your child is a united states citizen because he/she was born here in (MORE)

Can a person become a legal resident of the US after overstaying their tourist visa for 10 years?

\n. \nThe question is a bit perplexing as generally it would not be possible for a foreign national to become a legal resident if he or she violated an entry visa, although there exceptions made depending upon individual circumstances.\n. \nBecause of the stricter immigration laws and the aggressi (MORE)

Can a person with an overstayed visa become a resident of the United States?

Answer . \nThe basic rule is, a foreign national who is unlawfully present in the US must return to their country of origin and apply for reentry under the established USCIS regulations.\n. \nExceptions are made depending upon the individual's circumstances.\n. \nPlease visit the official USCI (MORE)

What makes you as a legal resident of a state?

you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident onc (MORE)

Can a student visa be reinstated after applying for residency?

details: i married a Frenchman who was here on a student visa. we submitted his residency paperwork but soon after decided to separate. the attorneys we've talked to said that he can't have his student visa reinstated and he will be deported if we withdraw the paperwork. is this true?. details: i m (MORE)

How do you become a legal resident of Georgia?

You are considered a Georgia resident if you have a permanent place to live in Georgia and except for infrequent, brief absences, you have been in Georgia for thirty days. See the related link below.

Do United Kingdom residents need visas to enter the US?

You can enter the US on the visa waiver program if : -. you are a British Citizen . you are entering on a regular airline service to an international airport . you won't stay more than three months . you won't work . you won't study . you have means of support . you haven't previously been ex (MORE)

If you're a Canadian on TN visa for 53 days in the United States do you file a resident or a nonresident tax return?

TN (Trade Nafta) visa is actually not a visa, but instead a non-immigration status created by the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). You were in the United States for at least 31 days of the year. It was a one-time event so you had no substantial presence in a three-year period (183 d (MORE)

When do I need a visa for travel from the United States?

From the United States you require visa for travel if you are not a green card holder or US citizen. Any alien wanting to visit US should have a purpose and visa for that to be able to enter US. For example you require B-2 visa for tourist purposes, require F-1 for student visa etc.

What are the organization from the united state that can help you get a visa?

There are several way to get a Visa to the United States. Depending on what your immigration needs are, there is wide variety of Visas you can apply for. There are employment based visas, tourism visas, investment visa, talent visas, student visas, and other types of visas. Depending in the type (MORE)

How do you make a minor a legal resident of a state?

They must reside with someone who is their parent or legal guardian, or to a close family member to whom the responsibilty for their upbringing has been legally delegated by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

How does someone become a straight a student?

I'm only ten but I'm a straight a student all you have to do is on the first days of school try and behave so the teacher doesn't know or think you are a trouble maker and do you homework every day remember to use your resources like the Internet if you don't get something and don't hang out with th (MORE)

Can someone with a US permanent resident visa marry someone from another country and get them a permanent resident visa too?

Yes. A permanent resident who resides in the United States canusually sponsor a spouse to gain permanent resident status as wellif the marriage is in good faith and not just for obtaining a greencard for the foreign national. As the sponsor is not a US citizen, there are limits on the numberof pers (MORE)