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  • If the bride is wearing pink you should wear a different color as the bride is suppose to be the center of attention.
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What does a Muslim bride wear?

There are Muslims in every country in the world. Islam does not have any specific ceremony or regulations, except that the bride, groom, and bride's representative have to agr

What do brides wear?

brides were their gowns,shoes and bra cups, makeup jewelry etc... ( no underwear)

Why do brides wear veils at their weddings?

Religiously it has been known to show honor of the bride. It hasalso been known to symbolize virginity and modestly. I think themore modern interpretation is just the act of r

Can a pregnant bride wear white?

Some pregnant brides do. The best thing to do is wear the white wedding dress BEFORE the pregnancy starts to show! but you can wear white for your wedding when your pregna

What does a Sikh bride wear?

Well i think a Sikh bride wears a something called a... lengar (a skirt type thingy) that's it some bangle thing called maiya and henna which is usually put on her hand also a

Why do brides wear blue?

Blue was considered a sign of purity in biblical times, then the tradition evolved into wearing blue on the bottom of the brides dress. Today, the brides have transitioned it

What is the theme from the princess bride movie?

There are several themes in the novel The Princess Bride, which include: . Good versus Evil . Revenge . Appearance versus Reality . True Love Overcomes all Obstacles . T
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What a bride wears?

Depends if its the church wedding or a civil wedding. If its a civil bride can wear anything she wants and if it's a church wedding it depends on religion. For example, Christ
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Why do you wear pink?

because if you wear pink it helps make a cure for the woman that has breast cancer
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What color dress should the mother of the bride wear if the bridesmaids are wearing blush pink?

The critical thing is that she shouldn't take attention away fromthe bride. Everything else is largely irrelevant (though ideallyshe should neither wear the exact same color a