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What is a child?

A child is a human who is in-between the stages of birth and puberty. In law, a person who has not reached the age of majority. A young adult

How do you have a child?

First you have unprotected sex. Then, when you miss your period you go to your family doctor for a pregnancy test. When that comes back positive, you start following your doct (MORE)

Why have a child?

Procreation is hard-wired into the human experience. Children can be great source of joy, especially after they grow up! They can also be a great source of sorrow, not to m (MORE)
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Do you have to pay child support if the child has a child?

Yes, if the child, who is now a parent, a minor you do owe childsupport. The fact that they are a parent doesn't allow you not topay for your child's support. Also: if the ch (MORE)

Who is the youngest child in the world to have a child?

The youngest with credible documentation was Lina Medina who was 4 years old when she became pregnant and 5 years old when she gave birth. Doctors felt it unsafe for her to gi (MORE)
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How have a child?

During sex, the man may ejaculate (cum) and sperm will be "squirted" (lack of better terms) into the woman. The egg gets fertilized by the sperm and after a few weeks, it'll t (MORE)

When will you have a child?

I'm sorry but is not a crystal ball so we can really tell. If you are trying to get pregnant it can normally take 12-18 months. If you go for adoption and aim fo (MORE)
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Can a child have a child?

Yes, if the child has started their reproductive cycles, they can technically become pregnant. If they should is a different topic.