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If the deceased owed the IRS can the IRS garnish the surviving widow SS survivor benefits?

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Generaly not unless there is a jointly filed return. There are special circumstances ie. community property states and transfers of estate property to the surviving spouse.
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If the insured owed money to the IRS can the IRS go after the benefits left to a child to repay the deceased parent's debts?

  Life Insurance Answer     That is one of the purposes of life insurance. The answer however is no, it would come out of the parents estate. If there is no es

Why does IRS garnish wages?

When you owe the IRS back taxes, the IRS has to follow collection due process to collect your taxes. They start by sending you balance due notices and work up to levy notices.

What can the IRS garnish?

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Can unemployment be garnished for loans and by IRS?

Your unemployment benefits cannot be garnished by anyone but your state government for past due state taxes, and even then it as a last resort. However with a court order the

Can the IRS seize death benefits owed to the beneficiary who owes back taxes?

Sure. Death benefits do not enjoy any preference when the  beneficiary owes back taxes. They can also garnish your wages  and/or Social Security Benefits. You best bet is to