If the distance from a converging lens to the object is less than the focal length of the lens what willl the image appear to be?

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C: virtual, upright, and larger than the object
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A 2cm tall object is placed perpendicular to the principal axis of a convex lens of focal length 10cmThe distance of the object from the lens is 15cm Find the position nature and height of the imag?

An image formed by a convex lens is described by the lens equation1/u+1/v=1/f, where u is the distance of the object from the lens, vis the mage distance from lens and f is the focal length of themirror. The question states that f=10cm and u=15cm, This can besubstituted in the lens equation as follo (MORE)

If a telescope has an objective lens of 3 inches what is the focal length?

The size (diameter) of a lens does not determine its focal length. The amount of curvature of the lens does. Citing a diameter for a lens doesn't help us find the focal length.. Lenses are ground to specifications that allow short or long focal length. The more curved the lens, the shorter the foca (MORE)

How would you find the focal length of lens?

Have light from a very distant object directed through the lens onto an opaque, white surface. Change the distance from the lens to the projection surface until the distant object shows a sharp image on the surface. The distance from the lens to the surface at that point is the focal length.

How can you tell what the focal length is for a lens?

Easy way: Use it to form an image of the sun or moon, and measure the distance of the image behind the lens.. When the object is at infinity, the distance between the lens and the image is the focal length of the lens.

The distance between the lens and the image?

If 'f' is the focal length of the lens, and 'o' is the distance between the lens and the object, then the distance between the lens and the image is:. ('f' times 'o') divided by ('o' minus 'f')

How can you calculate the focal length of a lens?

Basically, the focal length is the distance from the center of the lens to the focal point or the principal foci. The calculations will depend on the curvature of the lens, the lens thickness, and the refractive index of the material that the lens was made out of. Wikipedia has a great descriptio (MORE)

How to find out the focal length of a telescope for lens?

For most purchased telescopes, the focal length of the objective lens will be printed on the lens' mounting ring, and it will definitely be stated somewhere on the packing box and in the literature that comes with it. The focal length of any unknown lens can be measured by using the sun, the (MORE)

At the focal point of a converging lens can the object be seen?

Yes, but it doesn't just float there in thin air. You need something there to make the image show up, such as smoke, tissue paper, fog, steam, ground (frosted) glass, etc. If you don't have any of those, you can take a short-focus eyepiece and look at the focal point with it. In the eyepiece, (MORE)

What factors can affect the focal length of a lens?

There are many factors affecting the focal length of a lens, these include: - The thickness of a lens. - The curviture of a lens. - The material the lens is made out of. E.g. Glass or plastic. - The light intensity going through the lens. - The shape of the lens. These, are just few of the many fa (MORE)

How diverging lens can produce images that are smaller than the object?

When the object is located at the 2F point, the image will also belocated at the 2F point on the other side of the lens. In thiscase, the image will be inverted (i.e., a right side up objectresults in an upside-down image). The image dimensions are equal tothe object dimensions. A six-foot tall pers (MORE)