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How is genetic material organized in eukaryotic cells?

The genetic material of eukaryotic cells is organized in chromosomes.The genetic material of a cell contains information needed for the cells' growth and other activities. Whe (MORE)
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How is genetic material organized?

In several ways; mostly in terms of Genes that contain the primary information for the production of a unique protein, yet its organization also includes Start, Stop and Contr (MORE)

How is genetic material organized in a prokaryotic cell?

The DNA floats in the cytoplasm The prokaryote uses an arrangement that helps to pack genetic material tightly into a specific region known as nucleoid because prokaryote doe (MORE)
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What moves materials around in single-celled organisms?

It would probably be the cytoplasm. I am a girl in the 6th grade and learned about cells and everything there is to know about them just three/four months ago. The cytoplasm i (MORE)