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If three electical outlets do not work and the circuit breaker is fine with no blown fuses what should you check next to try to fix the problem?

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Is everything on that circuit breaker not working? Breakers will go bad sometimes.
Get yourself an inexpensive receptacle tester (~$4.00 at hardware stores) and test each outlet. It looks like a plug with 3-4 lights on the end. It will diagnose simple problems (no hot, no ground, no neutral, reversed wires) and can aid in diagnosis.
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How does a circuit breaker work instead of a fuse?

Both work on the principal of overheating a circuit caused by an overload or short. When a circuit is overheated because of to many amps being used on the circuit or a short,

What do fuses and circuit breakers do?

Fuses and circuit breakers protect the conductors that are connected to them from not letting the current going above the current rating that is given to individual size condu

How does a fuse or a circuit breaker open a circuit?

In a fuse the conductor, or little piece of wire you see inside the fuse is designed to designate when it heats up above a certain level -- if the current climbs too high, it

What does a thyristor works as a circuit breaker?

A Thyristor is a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) which is functionally similar to a transistor. When voltage is applied to the gate, the SCR turns on (forward voltage onl

What is the function of circuit breakers and fuses?

The use of circuit breakers is also same as that of fuses and these are meant for high current ratings. A circuit breaker can make or break a circuit either manually or by r

How does a rcb circuit breaker work?

i dont know, i want to know aswell. eeek. The RCB/RCD is placed between a 3-wire supply and its load, for example between a wall-socket and a kettle. The supply must be one wi

How sf6 circuit breaker work?

As the breaker is tripped, a magnetic coil is beneath it and as the movable contact falls into the coil the arc is elongated in a spiral caused by the magnetic coil until the

How do you find a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker?

As far as a fuse like in a car or even larger versions of the fuses in a car you should be able to see inside the little wire; if the fuse has burnt amd is split in two parts

Is there a fuse you should check under the hood on a 2000 MPV if the 15amp fuse for the cigarette lighter is not blown but the outlet stopped working?

am also looking for an answer to this, now my 15 amp fuse is blown and the car won't start. someone said if you have an after market stereo to start with the wiring behind the