If three electical outlets do not work and the circuit breaker is fine with no blown fuses what should you check next to try to fix the problem?

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Is everything on that circuit breaker not working? Breakers will go bad sometimes.
Get yourself an inexpensive receptacle tester (~$4.00 at hardware stores) and test each outlet. It looks like a plug with 3-4 lights on the end. It will diagnose simple problems (no hot, no ground, no neutral, reversed wires) and can aid in diagnosis.
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Why do none of the windows work but there is not a fuse and circuit breaker is good what next?

Answer . \nI had the same problem with our 1998 Pontiac GP. Both windows suddenly failed to operate. Checked the circuit breaker, that was fine. Could not find any other ty

Is there a fuse you should check under the hood on a 2000 MPV if the 15amp fuse for the cigarette lighter is not blown but the outlet stopped working?

am also looking for an answer to this, now my 15 amp fuse is blown and the car won't start. someone said if you have an after market stereo to start with the wiring behind the

Tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse?

Both devices are safety measures for the electrical circuit. The home fuse is a glass affair with a burnable core. If the core melts, the circuit opens. The circuit breaker

How do you replace a blown fuse in a circuit breaker?

A fuse and a breaker are two separate over current devices, independent of each other. There are no fuses in a circuit breaker.

What is a reusable circuit protector a circuit breaker - a fuse - a 10 gauge copper wire or a three prong outlet?

A circuit breaker is the only reusable circuit protector in thatlist. A fuse is also circuit protection, but it is not reusable. A length of wire can work like a fuse in som

What if your bathrooms outlets are not working 4 outlets but the circuit breaker is not fliped How do you figure out what the problem is?

Your bathroom outlets might be connected to a GFCI Outlet. The Ground Fault Circuit Intercept outlet prevents you from electrocuting yourself in the odd chance that you drop a

Why would the wall outlets seem to be blown and the circuit breaker was not tripped?

You don't explain the phrase "seem to be blown". If the outlet appears to be burnt and the breaker didn't blow this is reason for concern. If it happens to be a GFCI outlet, i

How do you find a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker?

As far as a fuse like in a car or even larger versions of the fuses in a car you should be able to see inside the little wire; if the fuse has burnt amd is split in two parts

What do tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses indicate?

Blown fuses indicate overload in the electrical circuit. Possible short-circuit or higher input voltage. Tripped circuit breakers I guess means: A residual-current device

How does a circuit breaker work instead of a fuse?

Both work on the principal of overheating a circuit caused by an overload or short. When a circuit is overheated because of to many amps being used on the circuit or a short,