If two individuals co-habitat but are not legally married could they still receive a discounted married rate on car insurance?

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In many states a couple living together can publicly declare themselves as married under common-law marriage laws. If you do this then you should be able to receive whatever benefits are afforded traditionally married couples but also be subject to the laws governing such a union as well.
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Is it legal to be married to two people?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nNot in most countries. There are a few countries were having more than one wife is allowed, several in Africa. In the US it is bigamy and is again

If you are named beneficiary on an accident life insurance policy and your relationship to owner is listed as wife but never legally married are you still entitled to receive payment?

The Insurance company should ideally check the validity of the relationship (whether legal spouse) at the time of issuing the contract or at the time of naming the beneficiary

Is a marriage in CA legal if she was still married in CO?

Absolutely not. You can only be legally married to one person in the United States. You must obtain a divorce before you can remarry. The California marriage is invalid and sh

Does a will made while husband and wife are married still be legal after the two are divorced?

Generally, a will made while married is made invalid by a divorce for any provisions made for your spouse. Generally, a will made while married is made invalid by a divorce f

Can your girlfriend be covered on your auto insurance if she is still legally married?

I'm not sure what you mean by covered. She needs to be listed as a driver if she drives any of your vehicles. You cannot add her vehicle to your policy if that is what you mea