How long do you have to be out of work to collect long term disability insurance?

Long term disability benefits may be a benefit of employment, or provided under an individual policy purchased by the insured. In either event, the terms of the benefit will b (MORE)

I have 4 doctors that have sent info to long term disability for chronic pain and not able to work on or off feet.They said Im disabled What are the chances of getting long term disability?

As a general rule, physicians' opinions dont have diddle to do with a determination of social secuirty disability.. Not that their medical opinion is not important, it is, in (MORE)
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What is chronic kidney disease?

"Chronic" just means long term. Not necessarily "life threatening" or "life shortening". Hence most forms of kidney diseases would be described as "chronic".
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What causes Chronic Kidney Disease?

There are many things that attribute to this. The most common two are high blood pressure and diabetes. There is also infections and some cancers, the list can go on and on. (MORE)
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Is kidney failure the same as chronic kidney disease?

Kidney failure is an acute stage, and can often be a secondary complication to another condition or situation, such as from a reaction to medication or from dehydration. Chron (MORE)

Is chronic kidney disease common?

The chance of contracting chronic kidney disease has increased over the past few years, particularly within the United States. The chance of contracting the disease drasticall (MORE)