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If you're connecting 3-inch copper pipe to 3-inch PVC with a rubber sleeve and they meet on a parallel horizontal plane and need a slight angle so the PVC can slope downward how do you get the angle?

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This should not even be a problem unless the angle is more than slight. Connect the two together and drop the PVC or put a PVC elbow in there .somewhere/
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How do you connect a copper water pipe to PVC?

I WOULD NOT I wouldn't I would use copper strictly The above is clearly opinion and not very helpful if you have existing PVC pipe or have an application which requires it

How do you connect 2 inch PVC to 2 inch copper?

By using a Female or Male adapter. There are Female and Male in Copper and PVC. If you sweated a Female Adapter on the Copper and glued a Male Adapter on the PVC, you can now

How do you connect a PVC pipe to a copper pipe?

I've seen fittings for that situation in the plumbing section at home depot. Most hardware stores should have those fittings. I would be careful not to heat up the PVC too muc

Can you connect a brass pipe to a PVC pipe?

Yes and NO depending on what kind of piping system. for drain connections yes like tub drains or fixture traps but you need access to all slip/compression fittings. and NO you

What is the volume of one foot of 3 inch PVC pipe?

The volume of one foot of 3-inch PVC pipe is: 84.82 cubic inches. In terms of liquid, this equates to about 0.3672 (US) gallons or 47 fluid ounces for that section of pipe.

How do you connect PVC pipe?

Normally you glue it together. Where it meets steel or copper, you use the proper fitting on the PVC to accept the steel or copper. For steel on the drain, a rubber connection

How do connect PVC to black pipe?

Abs to PVC glue sold at home depot Color it aqua blue/green plumbers key term. GUMBY GLUE Depends upon what you mean by "black pipe". If you mean ABS drain pipe, there i