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If you are 17 and no longer live with your legally appointed guardian can you have the guardianship changed to the person that you now live with?

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A 17-year-old has no legal standing to make the change. Only their parents or the court can make the change. The current legal gaurdian would have to petition the court for the change.
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If a child has lived with one parent for 17 years and then comes to live with the other parent who has legal guardianship?

  funny answer..   Well.... The person who has legal guardianship is the person who has LEGAL guardianship. If the mother has custody, no matter where that child mov

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How do you obtain guardianship of 17-year-old who is now living in your home because his mother's lifestyle creates an unsuitable home environment?

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In Arizona can a 17-year-old living in an emotionally abusive environment legally choose to live with the non custodial parent who pays child support or with a legal guardian?

  Answer     Not legally.     The parent who was awarded custody has legal rights over a minor child until the child reaches the age of majority as define

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Can child legal live with grandparents without guardianship?

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