If you are 17 in Oregon and you get pregnant can you legally move out of your parents' home and what are your other rights as a pregnant teen mother?

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In the state of Oregon, you must be 18 years of age to move out legally. However, it is important to know your rights as a mother. A minor who is pregnant is emancipation automatically in regards to the pregnancy. Meaning all decisions regarding pregnancy are up to you. Any health concerns regarding the baby, decisions about termination, adoption, etc. are legally your responsibility. The only exception is for abortion, where a parent must generally be notified before the procedure takes place. This can be worked around if a) the mother feels it is a danger to her safety to have a parent notified, b) the mother is being responsible and mature about the situation, considering all consequences before taking any action, or b) the doctor feels it will in some way negatively effect the mother to have the parent notified. You are emancipated in regards to the pregnancy, but you are still considered a minor child and all the same laws still apply. If you left home today, it would be considered running away and you would be brought back home by the police (when reported). However, you are more likely to be considered eligible for emancipation if you are pregnant. Emancipation is a long and difficult journey, especially when you will not have to only take care of yourself, but also your baby. If you consider this a possibility, remember that you are taking on more than you have ever before. It's certainly for everyone. It's also important to keep in mind that pregnant teenagers can legally marry (regardless of male's age). This is done when a doctor confirms pregnancy and you go to court. Once married, you are legally emancipated (and then could leave home). For further questions, I suggest visiting your local county health department, county police department, and county court office.
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