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If you are 18 and your boyfriend is 16 where can you go to get married without parental consent?

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There is no place in the US (or North America) that you can get married without parental consent at an age younger than 18.

And its for a reason. way too young and naive at that age no matter how sure you "KNOW" you are.

The above is incorrect. Most of the states allow the two to go before a judge, and, provided they meet some state-specific conditions, the judge can grant them permission to marry, EVEN if the parents of one or both object.

The conditions which will allow a judge to grant this petition vary by state, so you'll have to look them up in your specific state. Typical reasons are: pregnancy, parental abuse, parental neglect, parental incarceration or commitment for mental conditions, severely unstable familial conditions, etc. The two will also likely have to show they are reasonably responsible people able to take care of themselves without parental support. This can also be shown by one set of parents voluntarily committing to help support the couple (in the case where only one set of parents object).
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