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If you are 6 weeks pregnant and it is too late to sign up for voluntary short-term disability offered by your employer are there any companies that will provide a short term disability policy?

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Certainly there are but your present condition would be exluded.
You can still apply even if you are already pregnant. Your pregnancy and maternity leave will not be covered, but you will have income replacement in case of accidents and illnesses. Keep the policy, and future pregnancies and maternity leaves will be covered.
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Can you get short term disability insurance if you are pregnant and have coverage through your fiance's company and did not elect short term disability at open enrollment with your employer?

Answer . Its sort of like wanting to buy Life Insurance after you die isn't it? I am sure you can get SDI but not to pay you when you take maternity leave.. There are thre

If you became pregnant while covered by a short-term disability policy which covers pregnancy but then you switched employers are you still covered by the former policy?

Answer . Good question.. Were you on disability when you switched employers?. Is your question if the time on the 1st policy counts towards the pre-x period on the second

What states offer short term disability?

my daughter had back surgery Friday. This was not workers comp. she does not know how her back was injured. does the state of South Carolina have short term disability? she ha

Are there any companies that provide short term disability for maternity leave to individuals?

Not unless it is because of a disability. If you are currently pregnant, it is currently not a time to buy.. You can buy individual short term disability preconception, and e

Does ga offer short term disability?

Georgia does not have a state mandated program, but short term disability insurance is readily available to workers in the state. Contact a local agent to apply.

If your employer does not provide maternity benefits can you get short term disability in Colordado?

Short term disability is a great way to create maternity leave pay for yourself, while also protecting your family in case of pregnancy complications, delivery complications,

Do most Michigan employers offer short term disability?

It's difficult to know the percentage of employers offering short term disability. There is no state mandated program as in other states. Short Term Disability is available