If you are a US citizen located in the US how do you obtain a vat exemption number for purchasing goods from Italy over the internet?

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This would depend on the laws in Italy, but I would be very surprised is there is an exemption just based on you being a U.S. Citizen living in the U.S. We have to pay VAT tax on items from Canada and I see no difference. Sorry but good luck.
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How do you obtain credit being a US citizen living overseas?

Deposit money secured by a bank in the country you are in that is recognized by the US bank you want to borrow from. Easier is to just apply for a loan directly from the US bank and meet the ordinary loan requirements (proof of income, security for the loan, etc).

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How can you adopt internationally as a US citizen living in Italy?

Adopt by Rules of Country of "Residence" . "How can you adopt internationally as a US citizen living in Italy?" Adopting while living abroad is possible ... the question becomes, by whose rules do you adopt? I would put it this way: If you have permanent residence in a given country then th (MORE)

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My girlfriend overstayed her visa for over a year and has recently had my child. I am a US citizen and would like like to marry her. Will she be able to automatically obtain a SSN number and license?

yes you can marry her, and yes she can get a SSN in 3-6 months , not automatically ,but after marriage together you must apply to INS for a green card and work authorization for her. If you have decided to marry her, that's a important decision , the rest of the process is easy , she can get a green (MORE)

What are the duties of a good US citizen?

Obeying all the city, state, and national laws Paying all your Taxes Jury Duty (at least when needed) Serve as a Witness on jury Join the military when you turn 18 Voting

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According to the US Cencus Bureau's 2007 Estimates 227,719,424. Source : http://www.census.gov/. According to the US Cencus Bureau's 2007 Estimates 227,719,424. Source : http://www.census.gov/. According to the US Cencus Bureau's 2007 Estimates 227,719,424. Source : http://www.census.gov/. Acc (MORE)

What is VAT used for?

Isn't VAT used to pay for things the goverment funds like socialservices and the police. That's what a lot of taxes are used for.Please correct me if i'm wrong ==== I kept the original answer which is a question used to answeranother question. A VAT generally stands for a "Value added tax". As with (MORE)

I am an Italian citizen about to marry an United States citizen is it better to marry in the us or Italy?

It is easier to marry in the States than it is in Italy. In Italy, a US citizen would have to obtain a nulla osta from the consulate, get the bolli stamps for that which are about 80 euro a piece, go to the pretura with two witnesses and an interpreter (if not all four parties speak fluent English a (MORE)

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What are the responsibilities of being a good citizen in the US?

to volunteer to be active in your community. be honest andtrustworthy. follow rules and laws. respect the rights of others.be informed about the world around you. respect the property ofothers. be compassionate. take responsibilities for your actions.be a good neighbor. protect your enviorment.

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It was traditional system, when people use to give goods against goods or Service which is known as Barter Trade .Still this facility avail in some rural part of the country.But in general its so rare. Regards Nandeep Singh

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Good , because it helps us by many ways: to search any information about study, playing games, download music and movies.

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Anywhere that it fits, is a good way to use it in a sentence. Though, "exempt" is a formal type of word, often found in legalese, or formally worded orders and missives. Now then, go learn the actual meaning of the word, and you'll be all set.

What is a vat calculator used for?

VAT calculators are used to calculate the total cost of an item to a business. This calculation includes things like labor, overhead, shipping, and other costs to help a business price their goods.

What is the vat tax used for in taxes?

The VAT(Value-Added Tax) is most commonly used in the European Union. It is used whenever value is added to a product at the stage of production and at the final sale.

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Is Road Tax VAT exempt?

VAT only applies to the purchase of products or services, it doesnot apply to the payment of other taxes.