If you are convicted of DUI DWAI or DWI are you still completely covered by your policy if you have full coverage?

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The majority of companies will cancel the policy. If by chance they decide not to, be prepared to pay a very, very high premium.
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Will insurance cover a total loss to a full coverage auto when the car is covered by a personal policy yet the car is titled to the owner's company?

Not sure I totally understand your question. Are you both the owner of the company (and the car), the car is titled to the company, but have the car insured as a private/non-b

If your spouse was not listed on your policy and had an accident in your vehicle that has full coverage does your policy cover repairs on it?

Your auto insurance automatically covers all family members that live in the household. However, by not listing your spouse as a driver you have not disclosed all the licensed

What does full coverage insurance cover?

most people refer to full coverage as having the state required liability coverages as well as coverage on your vehicle, collision' and comprehensive coverages''.......there a

What is covered under most full coverage car insurance policies?

Answer . \nThe term "Full Coverage" can mean many different things to different people. Typically though it means that you have Liability Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorist

What is covered as full coverage?

Answer . Full coverage would be Bodily injury/Property damage/ Uninsured motorist/ Comp/and Collison, plus I would add Underinsured motorist. Liabilty is for bodily injury

If you hire a driver with a four year old DWI on his record will your full coverage insurance cover him?

Answer . You'll need to inform your insurance agent of any employees who drive your vehicles. If they feel that it's been long enough they may not be uncomfortable with th

What does Full Coverage cover?

Answer . Full Coverage covers usually refers to having maximum liability, comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy.. Maximum liability coverage covers third pa

Does full coverage cover vandalism?

Full coverage will cover acts of nature and vandalism and theft.Full coverage completely insures the car against all acts committedby others or from accidents.

What are your rights as a civilian or dependent stationed overseas when charged with a DUI or DWI and what evidence is required to charge or convict for DUI or DWI?

Depends on where you get your DUI. As a Civilian, whether Civil Servant or Military Spouse, if you are not on base and get a DUI/DWI in the host country, you are subject to th

If you have full coverage insurance and let a minor borrow your car will they still be covered?

If you have a minor driving your vehicle without having them listed on your insurance policy, then the insurance company will most likely deny any and all coverage if they sho