If you are in Chater 13 and behind on two mortgage payments and now the mortgage company filed papers in bankruptcy court is it too late to pay?

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Not necessarily. You need to contact the trustee of your chapt.13 and the mortgage lender. Foreclosures almost always end up as a loss to the lender. If you can make up the back payments and convince the lender that you can continue to make payments on time, they will probably be cooperative. However, the trustee also has a say in the issue, and can opt to have the 13 dismissed. Stay positive, and good luck!
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If you have never been late on mortgage payments and file bankruptcy can the trustee make you sell your house to have more income to pay creditors?

Answer . If you have a lot of equity they can take your house, but if your loan is about what the house is worth then they don't want it..... They want to be able to sell somthing to pay the creditors..... Answer . \nIt is very rare for a home to be seized and sold in bankruptcy; generally i (MORE)

What legal right do you have if your mortgage payment includes insurance and tax payments and the mortgage company does not pay?

Answer . Contact the State Agency that governs lending institutions. The name of the agency varies greatly from one state to another so you'll have to do a little local research but it should be quite easy.\n. \nThat seems a lot like fraud and you should go after these people as soon as possibl (MORE)

Can you refinance after chapter 7 bankruptcy if you are behind in mortgage payments?

Yes, there is a federal program to help people in foreclosure. You should be able to locate a state or federally sponsored agency that will help you. Several of the biggest mortgage companies like to play games and lose your paperwork, change the person "assigned" to your case, never return phone ca (MORE)

When do mortgage companies consider a payment late?

\n. \n Answer \n. \npa\nLate fee's accrue after 5-10 days... however, it is reported to the credit bureau if it is 30 days late.\n. \n. \n More Contributor Opinions \n. \nIt depends upon the terms of the mortgage, many lenders allow a grace period before assessing delinquent penalties. (MORE)

If you had a foreclosure two years ago and filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy last year that was dismissed when will you be able to get a new mortgage?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIn theory you can get a new mortgage anytime, but it is going to be more dependent on your credit score, how much equity you have, and your mortgage payment history over the past 12-months. Your grading will be determined by how long ago you filed the BK and how long ago (MORE)

Can a mortgage company continue to report your debt as late after the bankruptcy is confirmed and you have continued to make monthly payments on time?

Answer . Payments in the last 12 months are reported on your credit report. The BK 7 and the previously late payments will continue to show on your credit report, but eventually your ontime payments will be the ones showing. You may be able to get a statement that the house was redeemed in the b (MORE)

If your mortgage company has received permission from the courts to foreclose and sell your home and the auction date is in six days can you file bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure?

Answer . Yes, generally if you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy before the foreclosure sale, you can stop the foreclosure sale and get the mortgage put in current status again. I have filed cases within minutes of foreclosure sales and stopped them (though I don't recommend waiting that late in cas (MORE)

If you fall behind mortgage payment in Chapter 13 can they foreclose?

Exactly how many chances do you think you should get? Hey that "they" your speaking about, it may well be my retirement savings....buy what you can afford, pay your bills, or get rid of it and live differently. it is not OK to mis mortgage payments. No everyone doesn't so it....a very, very small pe (MORE)

Can you get a mortgage after filing bankruptcy?

Mortgage After Bankruptcy . You can, but you will get HORRIBLE financing! The BEST solution is to have the BK deleted. . Answer . Certainly but because you defaulted on your debts the lender will charge you a higher interest rate and may demand more collateral or equity in the property due t (MORE)

Can you refinance if you are behind on mortgage payment?

You would need to find a lender willing to loan you money. However, if you're behind on your mortgage you would not be a good credit risk. If you did find a lender willing to refinance it would likely be a predatory lender who would hit you with thousands of dollars in fees at the closing. You would (MORE)

Does reaffirmation apply to ch 13 And if so and your mortgage was not reaffirmed can the mortgage company foreclose if mortgage payments are current How about after discharge of the debt?

Reaffirmation does apply to Chapter 13 bankruptcies, and the benefit of filing a Chapter 13 case is that you are usually able to retain your home (as opposed to a Chapter 7 case, where all of your assets are normally sold). Customarily, the debtor and lender enter into an agreement within the bankru (MORE)

Can you file CHAPTER 13 bankruptcy on my second mortGage?

Removing a Second Mortgage . Chapter 13 Bankruptcy also offers an important, and often unknown, option to consumers who have a residential real estate mortgage, namely, removing a junior lien holder or "2nd" mortgage from your home.. If you purchased a home with 80/20 mortgages or if you took out (MORE)

Can your mortgage company refuse payments after filing Chapter 7 Mortgage was not included in Chapter 7 filing.?

You know, everything ---that is ALL assets and ALL liabilities are included in your bankruptcy...(yes, they may be given different positions, but they all MUST be included)...you don't pick and chose. How did YOU decide to not include your mortgage? To the first responder: Um... Yes, you can (MORE)

What happens specifically after a motion to release is filed by mortgage company we can pay to current. Will the mortgage company force a borrower into foreclosure Payment was not accepted by CSR?

I suspect this is one of those your gonna have to make it happen. Really, especially under the market of today, a bank doesn't want to own your property and record another foreclosure....if you have the money to pay to current, I would think not only should they have to accept it...but who cares.. (MORE)

You filed chapter 13 on your home and car loan now your case has been dismissed can you contact your mortgage company and car loan to begin payment with them again?

Wow...I'm sorry but you really seem to have no idea of what your saying or involved with. You better get personal, individual help. You do not file BK on a thing... a this or a that. You file it. It effects everything you owe and everything you own. Some things are given priority and some things (MORE)

After bankruptcy you fell behind on your mortgage again?

You need serious financial help...as in education and budgeting. Maybe basic math. Clearly basics on many other things...like a promise (to pay is one), is a solemn commitment to all those depending on you to do so. Any money you get must first go to that commitment....absolutely first to those co (MORE)

If a person filed bk 13 and their mortgage company sells their loan does that mean the bankruptcy 13 is no more?

No. Nothing has really changed for the borrower. He/she just now owes the money to a different person. The mortgage has been sold, and is owned by a new person. Its status is still the same -- either current, late, or in default. The new owner/lender may choose to not pursue it, or may pursue it mor (MORE)

Can mortgage company charge late fees if payment is received by grace period?

A mortgage company usually has a set date that mortgages are due, i.e. the first of the month. Anytime payment is not received by the first it is considered late. However, most MC's have a grace period of 15 days; if it's not received in this time frame a late charge is assessed. If you mail the che (MORE)

If your mortgage company files for bankruptcy do you still owe them money?

Sorry, yes! You just now owe it to the people they owed money to, ie: the banks and the courts.. Basically, your debt to them is an asset those they owe want!. The companies filing bankrutpcy only allows IT to maybe get the right to not pay IT'S debts. It doesn't excvuse you from your obligations (MORE)

Can your mortgage report late payments while in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Report? You mean on to credit reporting Cos, a private information service of business that share information? Sure. They can't attempt to collect it.. We live with the accurate history we make...and it won't be changed, like your being a late pay won't change..even after the BK discharge...late pa (MORE)

Can you get a reverse mortgage if you have filed bankruptcy?

Yes, a reverse mortgage does not have credit requirements. you can use one to pay your way out of a bankruptcy, or one right after a bankruptcy. However, the bankruptcy court does have to approve the reverse mortgage if you are in the process of doing one or still paying on one.

After a chapter 7 bankruptcy can mortgages report late payments?

Yes, late payments on mortgages can be reported. The chapter 7 discharges all unsecured debts, except for student loans, child support and certain taxes, and any balance due on secured debt after the collateral has been surrendered and sold. If you reaffirmed the mortgage and failed to make payments (MORE)

If my sister and her husband took out a mortgage with my mom as a cosigner and are now behind in their mortgage payments will my mom's estate responsible for the mortgage?

Each person who co-signs a mortgage is equally responsible for paying the mortgage. If your mother has died then her estate must be probated. The debts of the decedent must be paid before any property can be distributed to the heirs. You need to consult with an attorney who specializes in probate (MORE)

What if you're behind on your mortgage will bankruptcy help?

Bankruptcy can help in several ways. A Chapter 7 can allow you to avoid being taxed on any debt forgiveness, allowing the foreclosure to go through. A Chapter 13 can allow you to propose a plan, if you have enough excess income to pay it, that will allow you to get caught up on any arrears. It will (MORE)

Do you have to be late on payments to file bankruptcy?

No, but it helps. Many people pay their bills instead of buying groceries, but they can't sustain that for long. The test for bankruptcy is not so rigorous. If you spend what you should to live on, and you cannot pay your other bills as they come due, you can file.

Can you pay your mortgage payment online?

You need to go to your lender's website and check there for online payment options. You need to go to your lender's website and check there for online payment options. You need to go to your lender's website and check there for online payment options. You need to go to your lender's website and c (MORE)

Will your mortgage company know if you filed bankruptcy?

Yes. When you file bankruptcy you are required to fill out a number of forms. Schedule D is the form for Creditors holding secured claims and a home mortgage is a Secure Debt. You will have a complete list of all your creditors names, addresses, account numbers on a form called the Creditor's Mailin (MORE)

What happens if I can't pay mortgage payments after filing chapter 13?

In such a case you will lose the house- the only thing you can do is either dismiss your bk petition (if you filed merely to take of your mortgage) or you can convert to a chapter 7 (this would deal with any debt other than your mortgage). Otherwise the Trustee will dismiss your bk petition- which w (MORE)

Can a mortgage company foreclose if you are a little behind in payments but you are still paying on your mortgage?

The problem is that you haven't really defined your terms. It makes a difference whether "a little behind" means "the next day" or "two months late." It also depends on the precise terms of your loan contract. In general, the contracts are written so that technically the mortgage company can begi (MORE)

What are the consequences of paying late mortgage payments?

Although there is typically no consequence to paying a late mortgage payment, there is typically consequences to making mortgage payments late. These consequences typically include a late fee, increased interest rates, and a lowered credit rating.