If you are a pregnant 15-yr-old and the father does not want the baby should you keep it?

I know how scary this is. I have never been pregnant, but i have had a few nasty scares. Keeping the baby is totally up to you. Your parents do have some say, but in the end t (MORE)

Your 15 and 6 months pregnant can your parents refuse to help you raise the baby when its born?

Answer . I would think not as your parents are responsible for you until you are 18. Once the baby is born, you have parental rights for that child so I believe that woul (MORE)

If your 15 and pregnant should you put your baby up for adoption?

This is a huge question and let my answer not influence your personal choice too much.The way i see it is you have 2 paths you can take 1. You can keep your child and things t (MORE)

What rights do a 14 year old pregnant teens babys daddy who is 15 in Georgia have?

You really need to check with your Dept. of Social Services or Child Protective Services. Unfortunately for you, it appears that neither of you may have any legal rights sin (MORE)

Is it illegal to be 15 and pregnant with a 20 year olds baby if your parents are ok with it?

It's not against the law for you being pregnant - if you are under the age of consent it is illegal for any one to have sex with you. You legally are not old enough to say "ye (MORE)